Meet the Team

JLM-BioCity Officers

Joe van Zwaren

Joe van Zwaren



Mr van Zwaren has over 30 years experience matching scientists and entrepreneurs to industry and investment. He is presently director at Haruv Technologies, and was VP at Leviathan Energy, and a R&D director at First Quality. He has also served as Director of Exact Sciences at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was responsible for introducing both Internet and Internet-2 to Israel and along with many other national research programs.

Dr Yaron Suissa

Dr Yaron Suissa



Dr Suissa holds his degrees from the Hebrew University and led the pre-clinical research testing a new treatment for Pancreatic Neuro-Endocrine Tumors. He served as the head of R&D at TenCure, Manager of Business development and operations at NextGen-BioMed and the CSO at Molecular Detection Israel LTD.

Dr Vitali Shilo

Dr Vitali Shilo


Vice President, Outreach

Dr Shilo, PhD from the department of  Nephrology at the Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University. The PhD project was focused on the development of a new treatment for kidney failure complications. He is an experienced R&D researcher and has worked for a cell-cure neuroscience company. His specializations are nephrology, stem cells, and endocrinology. Dr Shilo is currently serving as a branch manager of the Meuhedet health provider.

Dr Tamar Tennenbaum

Dr Tamar Tennenbaum


Vice President, Strategic Affairs

Dr. Tennenbaum holds her degrees from the Hebrew University and has over 50 scientific publications and 40 granted patents. She is an established BioMed entrepreneur specializing in discovery and development of innovative pharmaceuticals. She was the founder and CEO of HealOr and TenCure and is currently the CTO of Arava BioTech.

Avigail Frij

Avigail Frij


Vice President, Logistics

Avigail Frij is a Senior Technical Writer and Marketing Communications professional, who has created technical documentation and marketing materials for a wide variety of technologies, including various bio medical related concerns. She has served on the board of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF) as a founding member and has been instrumental in creating JLM-BioCity to serve Jerusalem’s BioMeders.

Rivkah Rybak

Rivkah Rybak


Vice President, Communications

Rivkah Rybak is the CEO and Programmer for Web Tech Israel, with more that 20 years experience in areas, such as Custom Software Design, Web Site Design, Data Security, and Data Recovery. Rivkah has recently joined the board of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF), but has been an active member with the JBNF group for several years.

JLM BioCity Team Member Mordechai Applebaum

Mordechai Applebaum


Vice President, Public Relations

Dr. Applebaum is an experienced R&D researcher, with expertise in immunology and cancer. Currently he is a senior scientist at Enlivex Therapeutics. Dr. Applebaum holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Medical Neurobiology Department and an M.A. in Philosophy, both from The Hebrew University.


Board of Advisors

Yaron Zakhyem

Yaron Zakheym

Mr. Zakhyem serves as the CEO of Rafa Laboratories Ltd., a Jerusalem-based manufacturer and marketer of pharmaceuticals in Israel and abroad, which employs over 230 people in Israel. Mr. Zakhyem is an accountant by training, and served in the past as Arledan’s CFO. In addition, Mr. Zakhyem serves as a director in Diet Watch Ltd. and is a member of the board of the College of Engineering and MATI Buisness development Center in Jerusalem.

Prof. Debbie Shalev

Prof Debbie Shalev

Prof. Shalev is the Chairperson of the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering at the Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem. Prof. Shalev has broad experience in research in various fields and is the External Affairs Liason of the Azrieli Collage of Engineering.

Dr Bernard-S-Green

Dr Bernard S Green

Dr. Green is the Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of Semorex Inc. His academic research has been at Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Weizmann Institute, Rehovot; Sabbaticals at NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA; Walter Reed, Washington, DC, USA; CNRS, and Gif-sur-Yvette, France. Dr Green has focused on selective molecular recognition (which provided the name Semorex, founded 12 years ago) and involved chemical reactions in organic crystals, host-guest chemistry, extensive catalytic antibody studies and molecularly imprinted polymers. Under his leadership, Semorex has recently developed novel successful approaches for preparing protein imprinted polymers, an endeavor with high potential rewards. Other projects include a novel class of anticancer agents and a diagnostic for invasive fungal infections. Dr Green has authored over 100 research publications, edited two books and hold six patents.

Dr Shay Melcer

Dr Shai Melcer

Dr Melcer is the executive director of BioJerusalem, at the Jerusalem Development Authority and an associate lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also served as director of the Meyerhoff Youth Center for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University; co-founder of the Hebrew University Biotechnology (HUB) center (aka BioGiv); and founder and chairman of MOACH – Hebrew University Teachers and Researchers Organization. He also holds an LLB (1995), an LLM (2001), and a PhD (2013) in Genetics from The Hebrew University.

Dr Yossi Bahagon

Dr Yossi Bahagon

Dr. Yossi Bahagon is a clinically active Family Physician, entrepreneur and a Key Opinion Leader in the fields of e-health, m-Health & Tele-Care. He founded and managed the Digital Health Division of Clalit Health Services (CHS) the largest health care provider in Israel and second largest worldwide. He also founded and managed Luminox (acquired) – a leading Israeli Digital Health startup hub. Since its acquisition, Dr. Bahagon serves as the Managing Partner of Israel’s first Digital Health Fund which was founded together with OurCrowd VC. Dr. Bahagon has also been a founding member of several successful Digital Health startups and  serves as an advisory board member of Biocat’s Digital Health Accelerator in Barcelona, Editorial Board Member of the UK eHealth Law & Policy Journal,anda mentor atMicrosoft’s Think-Next Accelerator and the brain-tech accelerator Brainnovation. He is also lectures on Evidence-Based Medicine and Digital Health at the Hebrew University Hadassah and the Ben-Gurion Medical Schools, and was the e-Health advisor of the Swiss’ Federal eHealth committee.





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