Feb 5, 2018 OurCrowd, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the world, held their annual summit at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem February 1.   Since its launch in 2013, OurCrowd has raised $650 million in assets for 145 start-ups and 12 funds, ranging from health care technology to artificial intelligence. The bulk of the start-ups are Israeli and many of these are in Jerusalem.

At the OurCrowd Global Investment Summit on February 1 in Jerusalem, thousands of visitors had a chance to try Israeli digital-health technologies in a demo space dubbed Doctor’s Office of the Future.

People explored DarioHealth’s personalized, pocket-sized glucose meter coupled with a real-time mobile app to manage diabetes; ElMindA’smapping tool for visualizing neural activity to optimize management of brain disorders and injuries; HIL Medical’s radically cheaper and smaller proton-beam laser-based cancer therapy system; Intendu’s adaptive motion-interaction brain rehabilitation platform for at-home therapy; KolGene’s system for connecting clinicians with genetic labs worldwide; Memic’s internal laparoscopic surgical robotic system; RealView Imaging’s medical holography visualization system for medical images; and TytoCare’s suite of products for simple tele-health examinations and consultations.

As part of the summit, Bahagon and fellow OurCrowd Qure Managing Partner Allen Kamer hosted a three-day event for visiting digital health and innovation executives Dr. Ryan Noach of Discovery Health, Dr. David Stein of Siemens Healthineers, Valerio Nannini of Nestle, Dr. Marco D. Huesch of Ping An Group’s Global Voyager Fund, Andre Crawford-Brunt of Oxford Science Innovation, Haim Regev of Siemens Healthcare Israel and Stavit Navon of SAP Israel.

Source: Israel 21C https://www.israel21c.org/the-3-big-breakthroughs-coming-to-digital-health-in-2018/