Joe van Zwaren, MSc | President

Mr van Zwaren has over 30 years experience matching scientists and entrepreneurs to industry and investment. He is presently director  for Business Development at Target Venture. Before that he was director at Haruv Technologies, and was VP at Leviathan Energy, and a R&D director at First Quality. He has also served as Director of Exact Sciences at the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was responsible for introducing both Internet and Internet-2 to Israel and along with other national research programs in Photonics, Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, and Homeland Security.

Hamutal-Shahar JLM-BioCity CEO

Dr Hamutal Shahar, PhD, CEO

Dr. Shahar holds her PhD degree from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and has extensive experience in the field of clinical R&D. Currently serves as Director of Clinical Affairs at VOTIS Subdermal Imaging Technologies. Previously, she served as Clinical Director at Curesponse, Senior Manager of Clinical Development & Operations at Teva pharmaceuticals, and CTM at BrainsWay.

JLM-BioCity co-founder & executive adviser Dr-Yaron-Suissa

Dr Yaron Suissa, PhD, MBA | Co-Founder, Executive Advisor

Dr Suissa holds his degrees from the Hebrew University and led the pre-clinical research testing a new treatment for Pancreatic Neuro-Endocrine Tumors. He served as the head of R&D at TenCure, Manager of Business development and operations at NextGen-BioMed and the CSO at Molecular Detection Israel LTD.

Dr Vitali Shilo, PhD | Vice President, Outreach

Dr Shilo, PhD from the department of  Nephrology at the Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University. The PhD project was focused on the development of a new treatment for kidney failure complications. He is an experienced R&D researcher and has worked for a cell-cure neuroscience company. His specializations are nephrology, stem cells, and endocrinology. Formerly an Operating Room supervising nurse and previously a branch manager of the Meuhedet health provider, Dr Shilo is currently a Project Manager at Stem Cell Medicine. Dr. Shilo is currently a Project Manager at Stem Cell Medicine.

Avigail Frij, BA | Co-Founder,Vice President, Logistics

Avigail Frij is a Senior Technical Writer and Marketing Communications professional, who has created technical documentation and marketing materials for a wide variety of technologies, including various bio medical related concerns. She has served on the board of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF) as a founding member and has been instrumental in creating JLM-BioCity to serve Jerusalem’s BioMeders. She currently works for a BioMed company, specializing in regulatory documentation.

Deborah Amsallem, PhD | Vice President, Public Relations

Dr. Deborah Amsallem holds degrees from Toulouse University of Sciences, (France) and Post-Doctorate from Technion, Haifa. She is currently R&D Senior Scientist and Process Engineer lead for Argaman technologies on development of new fiber and textile technologies for medical and military fields. She also served as QC supervisor & Project Lead at Omrix (Johnson & Johnson) and she was R&D and scale up responsible scientist at Bio-Lab.

Yitz Goldglanz, MBA, LBB | Vice President, Operations

Yitz Goldglanz is a healthcare industry executive with extensive experience working in a top performing U.S. Hospital system. He holds an MBA is from Nova Southeastern University and is Lean Black Belt certified by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. His expertise is in working with all levels of organizational leadership and staff to strategically plan, build and deliver excellence to patients and providers. Currently, he also serves as a mentor, advisor, and coach to several U.S. and Israeli based health care focused startups and non-profits.

JLM-BioCity VP Data&Analytics Jeffery Levine

Jeffery Levine, B. COM, CFO | Vice President, Finance

Jeffrey  Levine provides Leadership,  Innovation, and Resources to assist Companies, Family offices to thrive in the challenges and opportunities of the COVID 19 world reality. His main expertise was as the CFO for a Private Family Office working directly with the Entrepreneur on a range of Investment activities, and as CFO for Regulated Fintech Companies.

JLM-BioCity Gaby Pell

Gabby Pell, PhD, Sr. Research Scientist | Vice President, Special Projects

Dr Pell is a medical physicist with a strong portfolio of skills, with over 20 years of experience in R&D, principally in the fields of neuroimaging and neurostimulation, published over 50 papers and managed projects in the area of medical devices. He is an acknowledged expert in fields such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). His extensive skill set includes image processing, algorithm design, simulation, computer programming, optimization and project management.


Liana Naim, M.Sc. | Founder, LN Pharma
Vice President, External Affairs

Liana Naim currently scouts for unique projects in personal and home care categories for major global players. Focused on bringing its customers new qualified leads in the local and global corporate markets. Liana connects innovative developers and start-ups with partners who provide funding, manufacturing expertise or commercial resources to bring their product to the market. She is a Business Adviser to the Chief Scientist Grant programs. Focusing on Pharmaceutical Biz Dev, she has also specialized in marketing and sales. Liana was Business Development Projects Manager, at Agis and before that at CTS. Prior to that, she was a medical representative at Vitamed. Liana holds a B.Sc and M.Sc in Chemistry from Hebrew University.


Sara Gdanski, MS Student | Corporate Relations Manager

Sara Gdanski is a Master’s student in Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship in Yeshiva University Katz School of Science and Health. She immigrated to Israel from the USA last year while she is continuing her studies online.