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Aeon Pharmaceuticals , a Jerusalem company, is developing a detoxification antidote to treat ER (Emergency Room) patients for alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol abuse is a global epidemic.  An estimate of emergency admissions based on alcohol intoxication as the first cause is 7 million per year in the western world (not including pregnant women who drank more than one drink). Of these, between 10% – 15% will require the Aeon Pharmaceuticals treatment. This treatment could lead to saving thousands of lives every year.  The resulting market is estimated  in the many hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Aeon Pharmaceuticals drug is an ADH-mimicking enzyme IV formulation that rapidly reduces the alcohol in the patient’s blood, thereby saving lives and reducing the risk of damage to vital organs. The Company has conducted successful animal trials and in-vitro trials on human plasma and achieved proof of concept. The Company is seeking funding, on a milestone basis, to complete pre-clinical and Phase I trials.  The team consists of well known pharma entrepreneurs – Tami Bar, CEO and founder and Tom Koevary, COO.

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