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March 7, 2018 ALYN Hospital has opened ALYNnovation, a commercial track that partners with entrepreneurs and inventors in developing and commercializing assistive technology products and solutions for children on a global scale and intended for the international market. ALYNnovation works with entrepreneurs and rehabilitation specialists to identify and develop innovation that has the potential to empower children with special needs around the world, increasing their independence and participation in society. It will then commercialize and bring these products to market, leveraging its powerful global network. ALYNnovation has established an 500 sqm “Innovation Space”  which is a one stop shop for assistive technology entrepreneurship and product development, providing under one roof a co-working facility to work in, lab facilities with state of the art equipment to model and to prototype with, access to leading experts in pediatric rehabilitation to consult with, partnership with clinical trials and opportunity to engage with ALYN patients in a safe and protected environment. The “Innovation Space” will work with children who need personalized solutions and with entrepreneurs and inventors around assistive technologies that can benefit a global audience.

For more information on the Innovation Space and how you can get involved, please contact innovation at
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