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Ascento Medical is a company in the field of Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment & prevention, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize a proven treatment method. Currently, no treatment exists for those diseases and patients suffer a constant mental and social decline, affecting their care-givers and close family quality of life. There are currently around 50 million patients, with close to 10 million new cases every year, according to WHO. The suffering for patients, the cost for the family – and society in general, are enormous.

Ascento Medical will soon launch a crowdfunding round to accelerate its presence and continue developing the relevant algorithms.

The solution developed over the last decade by Professor Eli Wertman, a well-known behavioral neurologist, has been implemented among 4000 patients in Israel. By the use of the solution, treatment recommendations of background diseases, highly prevalent among the elderly, alongside medical history, neuropsychologic disorders and much more, comprise the foundations to generate treatment recommendations, implemented by clinicians. By complying with recommendations, patients’ cognitive state can be stabilized or even improved.

Recently, a customer satisfaction survey showed that among 100 previously treated patients, more than 66% reported improvement or significant improvement of cognitive capabilities.

In order to upscale to a global solution, company is developing a cloud-based solution, based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, from which clinicians can receive treatment recommendations.

Ascento Medical has received very positive reactions from insurance companies, who would like to offer treatment options to patients who otherwise were destined to decline due to the disease. The payment paid by Long Term Insurance companies in the US starts from $160/day.

By the use of Ascento’s solution, this will be saved and, more importantly, patients will be stabilized or even improved. Till date, company has raised $400.000 from an angel investor and is looking to raise further funds to deepen market penetration, implement Artificial Intelligence and conduct clinical trials. Company has established a consortium of players in the field, to conduct multi side clinical trials and market roll-out, including Hadassah Medical Organization, Fundacio ACE, Spain – and Alzheimer Hellas, Greece –, who in aggregate treat more than 6000 patients per year.

Prof. Oded Abramsky, Hadassah Medical Center, dep. of Neurology stated: “This is the first, and probably the only solution in the world, that enables treatment of 90% of dementia patients, who, otherwise would be left to decline, due to the absence of treatment”.

Ascento is now negotiating distribution agreements with Israeli partners and insurance companies. Sales targeted to start by end of year 2021.

Prof. Mercè Boada Rovira, Chief Medical Officer at Fundació ACE, Spain, said: We are happy to be part of this consortium and believe the solution is unique and will be beneficial to the patients in creating real change in their lives.”

About Ascento Medical

Founded February this year, Ascento Medical is developing solutions for treating and preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize a proven treatment method based on the successful treatment of thousands of patients using a diagnostic and treatment procedures developed by Professor Eli Wertman, a behavioral neurologist of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel.

For further information:
Rami Cohen
CEO and Co-Founder
+972 545 203141
rc at

Source: Ascento Medical

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