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Ascento Medical Ltd has just announced on January 23, 2002, their partnership with Hadassah Medical in order to develop clinics to diagnose, treat, and prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The first clinic is starting operations in Q2/2022. The clinic will diagnose and treat patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The clinic will allow significant ramp-up of new cases, thus enabling further development of AI based diagnosis and treatment algorithms. In addition, it will create first revenue streams for Ascento.

Ascento Medical is a company offering hope in the treatment and prevention of Dementia and Alzheimer, by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize a successful treatment procedure developed by Prof. Eli Wertman, a behavioral neurologist of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel. Over the past ten years, several thousand patients have been treated by the use of a diagnosis- and treatment method, developed by him, which correlates between multi-morbidity, highly prevalent among the elderly, and cognitive decline. The application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will enhance the solution to become more cost-effective, enabling clinicians or geriatricians to provide their patients with personalized treatment programs for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, based on key information extracted from hundreds of medical files of previously treated patients at Hadassah. Not only does this provide hope for the patients but it provides relief for HMOs by reducing the average cost per patient by significantly decreasing hospitalization rates.

“We are excited with this partnership that will certainly improve medical care for the aging population with cognitive problems. We share the vision of providing holistic care by treating the multiple causes of functional and cognitive deterioration in aging people. We also share the desire to perform further medical research for the benefit of patients”, said Prof Ben Hur, Director of the division of Clinical Neurosciences at Hadassah – Hebrew University Medical Center.

There are currently around 50 million patients, with close to 10 million new cases every year, according to WHO. The suffering for patients, the cost for the family – and society in general, are enormous.

“The partnership between Hadassah and Ascento is established at the beginning of an extremely exciting new era for the whole field of neurological degenerative diseases and particularly for dementias. Given the aging of the population and the emerging novel strategies of diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, our joint clinic is expected to become an important hub for the excellent clinical management of patients with dementias and pre-dementia states, as well as for the education of new generations of physicians and other healthcare professionals.”, said Dr Dana Ekstein, Chair of the Department of Neurology at Hadassah Medical Organization.

“Ascento’s collaboration with Hadassah Medical Center is the first client adoption of Ascento’s solution. We are proud that such a distinct institution has elected us to join forces,” said Rami Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Ascento.

Currently, no treatment exists for Dementia or Alzheimer’s which causes patients to suffer a constant mental and social decline.  This affects the quality of life of their caregivers and close family. There are currently around 50 million patients, with close to 10 million new cases every year, according to WHO. The suffering for patients, the cost for the family – and society in general, are enormous.

Professor Eli Wertman, MD, a behavioral neurologist of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, has treated many patients diagnosed with this condition of Alzheimer’s disease along with other forms of dementia, pre-dementia states, and other behavioral and cognitive conditions. He has developed a method along with algorithms that have shown incredible success in treating these patients. This is being used in order to diagnose specific underlying causes of cognitive decline and then create a specific individualized treatment plan for each patient in order to obtain the best outcomes.

Clinics will use the Ascento Cloud-Based Decision Support Platform to be able to collect detailed, multidisciplinary data which will focus on multimorbidity and defining co-existing phenomenology. Thus the medical information gathered for the patient is based on the integration of data collected from various sources, dynamic questionnaires, neuro-psychologic and geriatric detailed information. The solution generates clear treatment recommendations for clinicians to implements, who can provide each patient a specific treatment protocol and diagnosis to fit their needs.

“The establishment of the Hadassah-Ascento Clinic will be the leading model for the implementation of the Ascento Platform and a vehicle for further joint medical research of the underlying conditions, leading to cognitive, behavioral and functional decline”, said Professor Eli Wertman, Co-Founder and Chief Medical & Scientific officer Ascento.

Due to its highly detailed nature, this information is invaluable for customers, such as Health Operators and Big Pharma: For the latter, it opens new opportunities in the form of untreated conditions as well as drug development- and support in Alzheimer’s. To this day, only one Big Pharma has obtained FDA approval (Biogen), though market adoption has been weak.

About Ascento Medical

Founded in February 2020, Ascento Medical is developing solutions for treating and preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize a proven treatment method based on the successful treatment of thousands of patients using diagnostic and treatment procedures developed by Professor Eli Wertman, a behavioral neurologist of the Hadassa h Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel. The company has raised $600 K to date. Ascento Medical  has been accepted by Fundit,, one of the leading Israeli Crowd Funding Platforms, and is expecting to launch a crowd funding campaign within the coming weeks.

For further information: 

Rami Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder

Tel: +972 545 203141

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