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A special Zoom meeting together with the company’s CEO Rami Cohen will be held on the occasion of their crowdfunding of early detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s, on Monday, September 5 at 1:30 PM EDT (8:30 PM ISR)

Come and hear how Ascento Medical plans to realize its vision: Convert Alzheimer’s disease remediation from Reactive to Proactive!

If you are an investor or executive in the space of silver tech, aging, and Digital Health, this may be a great opportunity to hear more about how Ascento Medical is progressing on this path.

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For further information on the crowdfunding campaign:  (in English and in Hebrew).

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Ascento Medical is a company in the field of Dementia and Alzheimer’s detection, treatment & prevention, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize a proven treatment method. Currently, no treatment exists for those diseases, and patients suffer a constant mental and social decline, affecting their caregivers’ and close family’s quality of life. There are currently around 50 million patients, with close to 10 million new cases every year, according to WHO. The suffering for patients, and the cost for the family – and society in general, are enormous.

Ascento Medical has launched a crowdfunding round to bring to the market effective early-stage diagnostics of the disease factors leading to Alzheimer’s…

For further information on the crowdfunding campaign:  (in English and in Hebrew).

After decades of diagnosing and treating elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Prof. Eli Wertman, a well-known Neurologist from the Hadassah Medical Center, has demonstrated that by the use of the method, he developed, it is possible to effectively diagnose the disease factors relevant to Alzheimer’s.

Treatment of these morbidities makes it possible to stop the deterioration of the disease and even improve the condition of the patients. The effectiveness of the treatment was also proven in a survey conducted among 99 patients who were treated at least 6 months earlier. The survey found that 66% reported significant improvement or improvement in their condition. Given the current state of Alzheimer’s treatment, the reported results are no less revolutionary.

About Ascento Medical

Founded in February this year, Ascento Medical is developing solutions for treating and preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize a proven treatment method based on the successful treatment of thousands of patients using diagnostic and treatment procedures developed by Professor Eli Wertman, a behavioral neurologist of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel.

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