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March 14, 2018 – A small informal ceremony took place today marking the fixing of the Mezuzahs at the new facilities of the  BioGiv “Excubator” Infrastructure Center of the Hebrew University at the Hitech Village on the Givat Ram Campus. The formal official opening ceremony of the BioGiv center is expected to take place in April, after Pessah.  BioGiv is also setting up an international advisory board of key leaders from the pharmaceutical and life science industry.

Bio-Giv ‘s Excubator has opened up its latest facility occupying 400 sqm offering space to upto ten early stage  biotech and biomed starttups. These companies will have access to fully certified, safety – regulated and equipped facilities for life science development, such as  core facilities with dedicated staff such as genomics, protein production, electron and confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, mass spectroscopy and isotopic analysis. Many of these facilities  are located on premises to be operated by the companies themselves with the support of Bio-Giv‘s dedicated staff.
Bio-Giv has already had three starts-ups graduate from its older facilties located in the Life Science Institute: Seevix, Biomedical. and Omnix that “excubated”. Since the opening of the new facilities in Hitech Village, seven companies have signed up for working space and these will all be moving in by the end of March.  Mileutis, which is developing and commercializing natural and novel peptides for animal and human health, also “excubated” and has moved to Rehovot.
Bio-Giv gives the early stage life science entrepreneur a facility where they can start immediately working, instead of wasting months or more in setting up and getting all the safety, ecological and certification approvals. Furthermore, many of the supplies that a life science start up needs are barely used. In Bio-Giv, these are shared among the  member companies, driving down costs. But, best is that the companies are mentored in many skill.s such as use of complexe equipment, bio-informatics, bio-statistics, GLP  (Good Laboratory Practices)  and more. Thus the entrepreneurs, who usually come from an academic background are quickly equipped for the full skill set needed to carry out industrial biotech and biomed development,” adds Dr Tsafi Danieli, Director of BioGiv Excubator and Head of Protein Expression Core Facility at the Hebrew University.

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