You are currently viewing Blind reads Text, Recognizes Faces using Orcam’s MyEye on US TV program, “Doctors”

Fitzville Martin, AKA Fitz, blind since birth, appeared on US TV program, The Doctors to demonstrate the world’s most advanced wearable assistive device,  OrCam‘s MyEye 2, for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading difficulties.  Fritz was introduced to OrCam‘s MyEye 2 a little more than a year ago.

“My God, what went through my head the first time I put on OrCam glasses is, they’re not gonna be able to hold me now!” Fritz exclaimed.

OrCam’s MyEye 2 has vastly improved Fitz’s quality of life. It allows him to, as Fritz put it, “do everything that I need, when I want, when I need to do it.” He is able to organize his papers, read his mail, identify money notes and much more. In addition to reading text and identifying money notes, OrCam MyEye 2 recognizes faces, identifies products, barcodes, colors, and more.

Fitz demonstrated the device’s text reading and facial recognition functionalities on The Doctors.

“For thousands of Americans and even more people worldwide it’s truly been a life-changer.” said low vision specialist, Dr. Bryan Wolynski.

Dr. Nita Landry exclaimed “That’s amazing!” after Fitz demonstrated both the text reading and facial recognition features of the device.

Upon being asked if OrCam MyEye 2 can be used by anyone who struggles with their eyesight, Dr. Wolynski answered, “Anyone struggling with their vision, has vision loss, or has reading difficulties can definitely use this device and benefit from it.”

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See the demonstration on the TV program, The Doctors: