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Illustration of white blood cells

A New Era in Cancer Treatment – Part II

By Mordechai Applebaum Your country’s intelligence agency is faced with a challenge. Rogue citizens have been spying for a rival ...
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Understanding How to Work with Multi-National Bio Companies

By: Mordechai Applebaum JLM-BioCity’s event – “What Global Companies Seek in Jerusalem Bio Innovation” – took place on the 29th ...
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Signing document

What are Board and Shareholder Minutes and Written Consents

Gila Halleli-Weiss Overview Board of Directors (or  “the Board”) and shareholder minutes and written consents are your official, legal records ...
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Laptop with charts

What is a Cap Table

Gila Halleli-Weiss So, you are speaking with a potential investor and they ask to see a cap table.  And you ...
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Financial book with calculator

What are Audited Financial Statements and Auditor’s Opinions

Gila Halleli-Weiss You are biased, and therefore not to be trusted. Okay, that was a bit cruel and perhaps not ...
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Company officers

What are Company Officers

Gila Halleli-Weiss Every so often, you may be asked to provide a list of “Company Officers”. This might be as ...
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