You are currently viewing CDC sponsored study: Argaman Technologies reduced by 25% hospital acquired infections and by 40% Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms in Wards!

The University of Pennsylvania Medical School Hospital is to announce the results of a study on the impact of Argaman Technologies in a hospital at the upcoming  IDWeek Conference in San Fransisco (OCt 3-7). This study was done by Prof Ebbing Lautenbach, MD, MPH, MSCE, from the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine and was sponsored by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta.

The results of the study were on changing ONLY to beddings and patient gowns, using Argaman Technology’s CottonX™. CottonX™ is Argaman’s flagship technology that allows embedding cotton fibres with various compounds, turning them into active smart fibres without losing the natural attributes of cotton. The smart fibres result by fusing 100% natural cotton with copper oxide to provide the ultimate in skin care and protection against pathogens.

The University of Pennsylvania Medical School Hospital study found the following results:

1. A 25% reduction in hospital-acquired infections
2. A 40% reduction in Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms in the wards

Note that the bio-burden of MDROs shows a reduction of 40% while infection rates dropped by 25%. Argaman Technologies believe that they have found out why there is such a large difference between the two numbers. Jeff Gabbay, founder and CEO, Argaman Technologies stated; ” We are now preparing fabrics for a test which we hope will demonstrate a further improvement in patient safety which is scheduled to take place in The Hebrew University Medical School at Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital.”

About Argaman Technologies LTD

Argaman Technologies Ltd develops, designs, and manufactures multiperformance textiles for a wide range of applications. The company focuses on developing permanently self-sterilizing, flame-proof, multifunctional yarns and fabrics. Argaman uses ultrasonic waves to blast natural compounds into cotton and other fibres so that a permanent mechanical bond is formed between the compound and the substrate. Unlike most textile processes, which are often environmentally problematic, the use of ultrasonic waves is eco-friendly. The processes also enable textiles to achieve a high level of performance and efficacy. One of Argaman’s technologies is designed to significantly reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. Another can be embedded in pillowcases in order to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Argaman also makes a cotton that is non-ignitable.