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Oct 17, 2017 – Ocon Medical has developed the IUB, a proprietary intrauterine platform made of a super-elastic alloy.

Global healthcare giant Chemo Group has made a significant strategic investment in Israeli women’s health company OCON Medical. No financial details were disclosed.

Based in Modiin, OCON Medical has developed the IUB intrauterine platform. The Chemo Group, through its Exeltis Women’s Health Business, has been OCON’s commercial partner since 2016 and is marketing the IUB Ballerine, a spherical copper intrauterine device based on OCON’s IUB propriety technology platform, in several European countries, including Spain and Italy.

This investment accelerates OCON’s continued rapid growth and expansion in both marketed products as well as further development of their IUB (IntraUterine Ball) technology platform applications. Among others this includes the Sphera, a hormonal contraception based on the spherical frame, as well as other therapeutic gynecological applications.

The IUB Ballerine, with over 50,000 units sold, consistently gains market share wherever it has been launched, succeeding across very different markets, thus proving the concept of the IUB technology platform’s attractiveness to gynecological prescribers globally. OCON is currently implementing their planned market launches of the IUB Ballerine product and initiating the clinical phase of their current assets, starting in 2017, which thus maintains their ambitious growth trajectory.

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