JLM Companies

JLM-BioCity is working hard to connect every bio-professional and company in the Jerusalem area for you.  This is the most comprehensive list of companies and potential collaborators in Jerusalem.

Feel free to use it to find your next partner, employee, investor, lawyer in your field.

Feel free to use our Facebook Group or ask us to introduce you with any of them.

Are you part of us? If not, we encourage you to join us.



<b>NIMD Ltd</b>




<b>HIL Applied Medical Ltd.</b>

HIL Applied Medical Ltd.

<b>Medinol Ltd.</b>

Medinol Ltd.

<b>Novamed Ltd.</b>

Novamed Ltd.





<b>CellCure Neurosciences Ltd.</b>

CellCure Neurosciences Ltd.

<b>Gamida Cell LTD.</b>

Gamida Cell LTD.

<b>KoVax Ltd.</b>

KoVax Ltd.

<b>Alomone Labs Ltd.</b>

Alomone Labs Ltd.

<b>NovellusDx Ltd.</b>

NovellusDx Ltd.



<b>Lipomedix Pharmaceutical Ltd.</b>

Lipomedix Pharmaceutical Ltd.

<b>Pepticom Ltd.</b>

Pepticom Ltd.

<b>Raziel Therapuetics Ltd.</b>

Raziel Therapuetics Ltd.

<b>Immunovative Therapies</b>

Immunovative Therapies

<b>Immunovative Therapies</b>

Immunovative Therapies

<b>Intec Pharma Ltd.</b>

Intec Pharma Ltd.

<b>Izun Pharma Ltd.</b>

Izun Pharma Ltd.

<b>Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.</b>

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

<b>Rafa Laboratories Ltd.</b>

Rafa Laboratories Ltd.

<b>Silenseed Ltd.</b>

Silenseed Ltd.

<b>BioCancell Therapeutics Israel Ltd.</b>

BioCancell Therapeutics Israel Ltd.



<b> Archi Medics Global Group-mymdband</b>

Archi Medics Global Group-mymdband

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