You are currently viewing Congratulations to Anan Copty, Butros Hallac, and NIMD on getting awarded a CIIRDF grant

NIMD, Non Invasive Medical Devices, a Jerusalem-based medical device startup company focused on the treatment of cancer, has been awarded a grant by the Canada-Israel Industrial Research & Development Foundation (CIIRDF). The grant was ranked in the top 5% of all applicants. (see link:

NIMD is an innovative medical device startup company at the pre-clinical stage that is focused on the treatment of cancer. The Company is seeking funding for Round A and is also looking for strategic partnerships.

The technology is based on an ablative device that utilizes a noninvasive localized microwave radiation device combined with FDA approved nanoparticles that are injected into the tumors. Using this technology we are able to heat and destroy tumors without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. The device can also detect tumors at an early stage.

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