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BactoByte, a Jerusalem-based startup leading innovation in rapid microbiological In-Vitro Diagnostics, today announced the European Patent Office (EPO) has issued a “Notice of Intention to Grant” for BactoByte’s patent application covering the company’s technology used for 90-minute test for bacteria identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

  •  The patent application covers the increasing intracellular concentration of fluorescent marker molecules for the detection and quantification of live bacteria
  •  Similar patent pending in the US, favorable outcomes anticipated

BactoByte seeks to empower hospitals and doctors by developing a device with the potential of shortening the time required to rapidly diagnose pathogens responsible for healthcare-associated infections from a couple of days to 90 minutes.

“Health-care-associated infections are a major problem that affects more than 600,000 patients each year, more than 10 percent of whom will die, and incurs more $100 billion in related costs,” says Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD, director of the MGH Center for Systems Biology, Thrall Family Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and co-senior author of the report. “Rapid and efficient diagnosis of the pathogen is a critical first step in choosing the appropriate antibiotic regimen.”

This milestone marks significant progress in advancing BactoByte’s Methods and Compositions for Improving the Detection of Microorganisms with broad protection, strengthening the company’s patent portfolio. With a parallel patent pending in the United States, positive outcomes are anticipated, as global patent offices often consider related European cases as highly influential in their decision-making process.

Miron Krokhmal, CEO of BactoByte, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We see the EPO’s decision as a recognition of BactoByte’s contributions to rapid microbiology diagnostics. This patent safeguards our technology, equipping healthcare providers with the capability for 90-minute bacterial and antibiotic diagnostics, ultimately enhancing outcomes, reducing misdiagnoses, and cutting healthcare expenses.”

BactoByte‘s approach revolutionizes traditional 48-hour microbiological testing, employing a direct-from-medium (blood, urine, swabs) method. This innovative process combines microbial identification and susceptibility assays with AI-enabled computer vision and single microbial cell analysis.

Empowered by BactoByte‘s technology, physicians can swiftly set the optimal therapies, mitigating the unnecessary use of broad-spectrum drugs, minimizing complications arising from Hospital-acquired Infections (HAIs), and saving lives and expenses. Recent studies demonstrate that BactoByte‘s system achieves clinical laboratory precision Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in bacteremia detection, pathogen identification, and urinary tract and bloodstream infection susceptibility testing. The company aims to start FDA clinical trials in 2024.

BactoByte was created as a result of one of the founders, Dr. Vladimir Glukhman, Ph.D., (CTO – Bactobyte) catching a serious infection and remaining in critical condition till the doctors figured out what he had caught and could administer the correct antibiotics. This is a common problem.

“I find it incredible that doctors must still prescribe antibiotics based only on their immediate assessment of a patient’s symptoms, just like they used to when antibiotics first entered common use in the 1950s.” quoted Jim O’Neill, former Goldman Sachs Asset Management chairman, and former U.K. Treasury Minister, in the 2016 Review On Antimicrobial Resistance.

The existing diagnostics methods include growing the pathogen in a petri dish, which takes several days, or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, which requires knowing the specific pathogen to look for. If the patient is critically ill, the doctors use professional guesswork to select the antibiotic to administer till they get the answers from the lab.

Errors in diagnosing infectious diseases include both missed or delayed diagnosis of infectious diseases as well as misdiagnosis of an infectious disease instead of a non-infectious disease. Failure to diagnose mistakes can cause the patient unnecessary pain and suffering, allow the infection to spread, cause damage, and even lead to death. Rapid detection, early resuscitation, and appropriate antibiotic use are crucial for sepsis care. eliminating significant risks of infection-related morbidity and mortality. Infectious diseases are recognized as the second most common cause of death in HCT recipients, surpassed only by relapse or progression of the underlying disease. It was found that infectious diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), tuberculosis (TB), pleuro-pulmonary infections, central nervous system (CNS) infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs) are more frequently prone to diagnostic errors.

About BactoByte

BactoByte is a forward-thinking startup spearheading innovation in rapid microbiological In-Vitro Diagnostics. The company pioneers swift and precise testing solutions by developing proprietary biotechnology, workflow automation, and single-cell analytical software to alleviate the escalating global burden of resistant microbial infections. BactoByte is based in Biohouse, at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. The company was founded in 2017, by Miron Krokhmal (CEO, BactoByte), Vladimir Glukhman (CTO), and Valery Brodsky (VP eng). In 2021, Mr. Dan Wolterman, Former President and CEO of Memorial Hermann Health System, joined as the Chair of BactoByte.

For further information: Miron Krokhmal (CEO, BactoByte) T: +972 (52) 86 30 661
Email: miron AT

Source: BactoByte


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