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Eximore is developing a revolutionary nanomedical device that can prevent blindness using its proprietary non-degradable composite-based formulation technology. Eximore has launched a crowdfunding campaign on EXIT Valley with the purpose of raising 1 million dollars.

Eximore is focusing on the treatment of glaucoma (where increased pressure in the eye can lead to gradual loss of vision). Current glaucoma treatment requires daily administration of eye drops. But nearly 50% of glaucoma patients are non-compliant and discontinue their therapy within 6 months! Eximore was founded to solve this lack of patient compliance with its proprietary, integrated drug delivery system, EXP-LP, based on a non-invasive punctal plug, made of nanotechnology particles containing drugs for sustained release delivery to the surface of the eye. An EXP-LP releases the drug continuously over a 3 month period.

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the world, with almost 70 million people suffering from glaucoma today. Glaucoma (a condition in which increased pressure in the eye can lead to gradual loss of vision) is caused by a blockage of the eye’s drainage pathway, leading to a buildup of the fluid (aqueous humour) that normally flows through the eye and an increase in interocular pressure (IOP). This increased pressure in the eye often occurs without pain or visible warning signs until damage to the optic nerve has already occurred, leading to decreased vision and even blindness.

EXP-LP is a non-degradable punctal plug that is placed in the punctum to provide a sustained release of latanoprost, a first-line and first-choice prostaglandin analog that increases the outflow of aqueous fluid, for up to three months. At the end of this period, the doctor replaces the plug during an in-office visit. In order to satisfactorily address safety and retention, EXP-LP shape is based on currently marketed silicone and collagen punctal plugs which are used extensively in patients suffering from dry eye syndrome with an excellent safety record.

Eximore innovative punctal plug significantly increases patient compliance and optimizes consistent dosing, therefore reducing the risk of vision loss and improving patient outcomes for a range of ophthalmic conditions.

In addition to improving compliance over medications that are dependent upon successful and timely patient self-administration of eye drops, EXP-LP provides a steady micro-dose of latanoprost to the eye, avoiding the oscillations in drug level experienced with eye drops. Additionally, continuous drug delivery via EXP-LP in the therapeutic window improves clinical outcomes.

In vitro studies of EXP-LP established that the novel punctal plug can deliver a controllable release of drug at an optimal therapeutic rate. Specifically, the amount of drug released by the plug over a 60-day period was above the minimum required threshold.

After proving the safety and efficacy of its product in preclinical trials, Eximore is now in the final stages of its first clinical trial as part of a research collaboration with Latin American hospitals. The results have shown that this medical device effectively releases the required medication in glaucoma conditions, lowers intraocular pressure more efficiently and safely than eye drops, and allows long-term treatment for over three months. In dry eye conditions, trials have shown that the product significantly improves the patient’s condition, treats inflammation and other symptoms more successfully, and restores the tear functions more efficiently than artificial tear drop treatments. Eximore will be submitting the IND to the FDA with the purpose of doing clinical trials in the USA.

About Eximore

Eximore is developing a new therapeutic for glaucoma and dry eye syndrome. the technology is a nanotech vehicle that is able to load much more drugs and even two drugs into a tiny insert and have it released over six months and more at a controlled pace.

Eximore’s target is ophthalmology, and the plan is to provide a non-invasive punctual plug (sits in the tear duct), that will free glaucoma patients from taking daily IOP (intraocular pressure) lowering eye drops. Answering a major unmet need in this realm. The next product in the pipeline is intended for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.

Eximore was founded in 2013 by Eyal Sheetrit and Prof. Guy Ben Simon from Sheba and has raised to date $ 4 million from Consensus Business Group (CBG),VLX Ventures and Rimonci Capital. Eximore has also received funding several times from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA)

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