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OmnySense is an Israeli MedTech startup that has developed a unique cloud-based health information system that enables the health of patients at home to be tracked remotely. Texas Medical Technology, a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment, has just acquired 5 percent of OmnySense Ltd and has taken a consultancy position on the OmnySense board. The two companies plan to work together to further develop remote solutions for reducing hospital readmissions. This is important because these readmissions may indicate a breakdown in caregiving. Additionally, in the U.S., hospitals cover the bulk of the treatment cost for patients that are readmitted within thirty days of discharge. This adds up to an massive $26 billion annually according to CMS. The medical sector must minimize costs and operate more efficiently by improving their rate of readmission to inpatient hospital care. This is exactly what Texas Medical Technology plans to enable by using the OmnySense system.

This new collaboration between OmnySense and Texas Medical will become a part of Texas Medical’s MetaHealth, their virtual platform which allows a patient’s data and vital signs to be monitored and accessed by hospital staff. OmnySense will provide a much more efficient way for hospitals to track the health of their patients post-discharge. A hospital nurse or physician will be immediately notified regarding the status and deterioration of patients completely remotely. This will raise the proper concern within the health care staff and initiate contact with the patient to address their facing health concerns within a timely fashion. With this technology, no patient will be overlooked and the readmission rate will hopefully decrease.

“We are excited to have Texas Medical Technology join us as a major investor,” says Yossi Aldar, CEO of OmnySense. “And we look forward to jointly pursuing the readmission-minimization market in collaboration with them.”

Source: Yahoo Finance News

About Texas Medical Technology

Texas Medical Technology, one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., has taken the supply challenges and placed them on its shoulders by shifting attention to COVID-related PPE. Providing an array of advanced tech and non-tech equipment to empower administrators to monitor potential medical crises and protect employees.

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About OmnySense

OmnySense is a privately-owned start-up company that has developed unique technologies for monitoring and analyzing home-based patients. Thus OmnySense enhances “virtual visits” by physicians by providing the health tracking data to support these visits. The company was founded in 2019 by 3 founders, Yossi Aldar, CEO, a serial entrepreneur and inventor and co-founder of Flight Medical and SteadyMed; Ian Solomon, CTO, a serial entrepreneur in the MedTech field; and Amir Elhasid, VP of Business Development, who was previously Global Director of Marketing, Teva Respiratory, and has over 30 years of experience in the pharma field.

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