Foraviset Raising $10M for Further Dev of Raviset, a Novel Endometriosis & Menstrual Symptoms Drug

Foraviset, a privately held innovative pharmaceutical company, seeks to raise US$ 10,000,000 over the next 18 months for clinical trials on Raviset. Raviset is a new innovative drug, intended to treat the suffering from pathological menstrual complications of women. Two preliminary efficacy clinical trials have been conducted with positive results. The drug is registered in Moldova. Raviset® in both formulations, as suppositories and vaginal tablets, is a new drug with a unique mechanism of action.

Millions of women suffer from a variety of painful symptoms including endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, and other uterine complications throughout their monthly period cycle. Many teenagers miss several days of school each month and working women are compelled to take sick leave due to sharp pains, sometimes with excessive bleeding causing weakness and anemia. The only existing treatments are hormonal and NSAID treatments which don’t provide sufficient relief and come along with various unwanted side effects including liver damage, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, mood swings, weight gain, and acne. The hormonal treatment is not an option for women wishing to conceive which is a large group of those suffering. This shows the large unmet need for the women who are left searching for other forms of pain resolution.

“Foraviset’s technology is an entirely novel and disruptive solution for a huge unmet need in the world of women’s reproductive organs health. The existing medications are far from providing satisfactory relief, and we believe we have the answer. Already successfully tested in humans, including women suffering from dysmenorrhea and heavy bleeding, this drug has serious potential of success in the upcoming clinical trials towards market approval.” Rafael Barkan, Founder and Chairman

Foraviset is developing Raviset, a novel approach acting on the nitric oxide mechanisms of action, making it different from all the currently available treatments. The drug will be available in a suppository and a tablet. It is an inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitor that blocks the rolling cascade occurring via the COX-2 pathways in the myometrium and the endometrium before the onset of the menses in the presence of uterine disorders. This drug will prevent the primary excessive production of the proinflammatory NO, avoiding induction of the COX-2 pathway. The drug has already been tested in 85 women and has shown high efficacy and no significant adverse effects.

Foraviset is currently working to initiate the phase 2 clinical studies while submitting an IND application to the FDA. simultaneously, they’re searching to obtain market approval and commercialize the drug in eastern European countries, starting with Moldova and continuing to Russia, Ukraine, etc. The global market for Raviset is estimated at a high of $8 billion annually.

“The success of these trials is highly likely given that a similar trial on 85 women has already been carried out, demonstrating excellent results. We believe that the completion of the phase II trials will give the Company a significantly high value, with a real exit opportunity and high profit for our investors.” J.J. Marx, Esq. CEO and General Counsel

“We anticipate that the marketing approval processes in Eastern European countries shall not take long, and sales will commence shortly thereafter. The Company has registered patents in most Eastern European countries to protect its IP. The quick inflow of substantial income even prior to embarking on phase III trials for the FDA will greatly enhance the self-sustainability and valuation of the Company.” J.J. Marx, Esq. CEO and General Counsel

About Foraviset

Foraviset Ltd. is a privately held innovative pharmaceutical company, focused on its proprietary innovative drug Raviset, for the treatment of women suffering from pathological menstrual complications, such as endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, etc. Foraviset was started by Rafael Barkan, Founder, and Chairman,  and Jacob Marx, CEO, and General Counsel. They’re located at 29B Keren Hayesod Street, Jerusalem Israel. Over $15,000,000 has been invested in the technology from various angel investors, friends, and family. The company is in the 2nd phase of clinical trials.

Foraviset Ltd’s business strategy is based on the continued clinical development of the drug Raviset ® for marketing approval in Western countries (FDA or the equivalent European authorities). Simultaneously Foraviset Ltd. is developing the markets in Eastern European and other countries in the Far East. The company has already started to operate in the markets that do not require FDA approval. Raviset® is already registered in Moldova, as a treatment for pain & Excessive bleeding during the menstrual period. The Foraviset Ltd. marketing plan includes the distribution of the drug in Eastern Europe and especially in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, and Uzbekistan. The company also aims to penetrate the Chinese market.

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