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Futura Genetics just rolled out the most innovative preventive care program in the world and it’s completely free, courtesy of your insurance company. The Futura Genetics test is a non-invasive DNA test designed to assess your risk of developing many chronic diseases and provide you with lifestyle and medical advice to lower the risk.

Life and health insurance companies have a large incentive to offer the Futura Genetics package free to their clients. Futura Genetics convinced life insurance companies they can act as a “black box” that extends their customers’ lives. Thanks to Futura’s unique intellectual property intellectual protocol (IP), no information is being passed on to the insurer or any other 3rd party. Users’ privacy is being kept! And insurers are getting clients who live longer so they benefit from fewer claims and better service to their customers. This is truly a win-win situation.

“We make people live longer,” stated Efi Binder, Futura Genetics CEO. “We do it by using the power of genetic testing to create a personalized preventive care program tailored for each individual’s needs. We are doing it by using precision medicine techniques (DNA testing, self-reporting, big data analysis, and more) combined with a top-notch user experience to make sure clients are proactive about their health. Clients using our platform are far more compliant with healthcare recommendations and are more likely to diagnose serious diseases at an early stage.”

Futura Genetics developed a digital health platform powered by genomics. Users get a home DNA test (saliva-based) and online genetic counseling. Additional steps were taken to make the analysis of 23andMe test results possible, without the need to have any additional DNA testing. Futura’s algorithm analyzes genomic and behavioral data to give everyone the top three things to act upon now so they can stay healthy longer. The result is a personalized preventive care program tailored to everyone’s needs.

Through Futura’s care program, users are motivated to perform simple one-time tasks with a significant impact on their health. Futura’s platform, called “Futura Life”, offers users rewards for performing tasks that improve their health. It is the first of its kind, step-by-step preventive care program based on genomic information.

Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman of the X-Prize Foundation and Executive Chairman of Singularity University, stated, “The insurance industry transforms from “recovery after risk” to “prevention of risk.” “Insurance providers will leverage the convergence of machine learning, ubiquitous sensors, low-cost genome sequencing, and robotics to detect risk prevent disaster, and guarantee safety before any costs are incurred.”

Futura Genetics just finished a successful pilot program with an international insurance company showing an ROI of over 50:1 to insurers! By helping people diagnose serious diseases early and guiding them step-by-step on how to prevent them, the lives of many were saved. Thank you notes hangs on Futura’s office wall!

According to Futura Advisory Board Member, Dr. Guy Rosner, “Futura’s genetic panel is a one-of-a-kind test that covers a wide range of health-related issues. As a doctor and geneticist, I see how patients are getting lost in the data. The step-by-step approach and focusing on main risk areas is truly revolutionary.”

What is special about Futura is that they package the huge amount of information they discover about their customers’ genomic structure in a very simple and easy-to-understand Dashboard that always includes explanations about how to lower the risk of illness.

Efi Binder, Futura Genetics CEO, stated “Insurers have to wait and hope for their customers to outlive their contract. We provide personalized tools for insurers to prolong their customers’ life expectancy.”

About Futura Genetics

Futura Genetics is a disruptive health platform, powered by genomic information, shifting the healthcare industry by making big changes that significantly redefine the way care is delivered.

Futura provides personalized and effective tools for insurers to prolong their customers’ life expectancy. Futura Genetics pledged an alliance with their users, promising never to give their information to any 3rd party, including insurance companies.

Futura Genetics was founded by Efi Binder and Ram Warsha two years ago. They had worked as a team during their military service in the Israeli Air Force and always wanted to find the opportunity to work together after completing their service. For Efi, this is the second start-up he has opened related to genomics. Ram brings with him extensive knowledge and experience in medical equipment as well as in the integration of technology into financial services companies for the user interface.

The company has seven employees and an active advisory board that includes medical doctors, and professors in genetics, actuarial sciences, and technology. The company’s lab is based in Houston Texas and holds the CLIA certification (compliance with federal regulatory standards for genetic testing labs).

For further information, contact:

Efi Binder
efi.binder AT


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