Genetika + is a Jerusalem based biotech start-up developing cutting edge technology to determine which anti-depressant is best suited to each patient. When Treating a patient with Major Depression the physician must choose from one of 70 different drugs each taking weeks to months to test. Over 60% of patients try multiple medications searching for the right treatment and each treatment takes weeks to months to test. Currently, physicians use a trial-and-error approach to finding the right treatment. At Genetika + they realize that each patient is unique and some drugs will work better on certain individuals than others. They are developing a blood test to get patients to the right antidepressant by personalizing the treatment to their disease and symptoms, improving patient lives, reducing healthcare costs and saving physicians’ time.

Genetika + was recently selected by HelloTomorrow as a Deep Tech Pioneer from 5,000 applicants out of 128 countries and was named “Leading Pioneers in Mental Health Treatment” by MEA Markets. Earlier on, in November, Genetika + was chosen winner of the European Women Startup Competition 2019. (in the picture of the award ceremony, Talia Cohen Solal is second from the left) In addition, they won two local competition in 2019, the Israel BrainTech Startup Contest and the EY Digital Health Competition.

CEO Dr. Talia Cohen Solal notes that “300 million people suffer from major depression every year. Many lose months to years to their depression and sometimes their own lives searching for the medication that is right for them. We wanted to take the search for the right prescription from out of the patient and into the lab where it belongs.”

Genetika + was co-founded in 2018 by Talia Cohen Solal (CEO) and Daphna Laifenfeld (CSO) to address this urgent need.

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