You are currently viewing Hadassah Hebrew U BioDesign Project, CardioVia, Raises NIS 3 Million & Was Accepted to the NGT3 VC Incubator

Following the June 2018 presentation of bio-med projects in the framework of the BioDesign, a joint program of  Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the NGT3 VC incubator based in Nazareth, decided to invest NIS 3 million  in the project of  cardiologist Dr. Ran Eliaz and surgeon Dr. Yonathan Demma, together with Mr. Ziv Menshes (MBA) and Mr. Or Hazan (LLB).   The new company was called CardioVia

CardioVia is developing a novel minimal invasive, safe and efficient needle-free access to the pericardial space (the membrane that surrounds the heart). The access to the outer surface of the heart through the pericardium is needed in order to treat the most prevalent Cardiovascular Diseases and arrhythmias without using a needle. By using CardioVia’s system, physicians will be able to perform procedures on one of the most delicate and complicated instrument that the human body has with full confidence and a sense of safeness for them and their patients.

The potential market for the device is estimated at $0.5 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

BioDesign is a two-semester academic course at HUJI, mentoring cohorts comprised of Hadassah clinicians and HUJI bioengineering, business and law students. The program was established by Prof. Chaim Lotan and is managed by Prof. Yaakov Nahmias and Prof Yoav Mintz.

About the NGT3 VC incubator

NGT3 is the next generation of NGT, which operated as technological incubator since 2002. NGT3 is a unique venture capital fund and partnership, with European, American and Israeli partners, who share the vision of investment in early-stage technology-based start-up companies with social agenda. NGT3 brings new opportunities while remaining rooted in Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel’s Galilee. We start and fund early-stage companies, primarily in innovative medical devices and life sciences, and encourage Arab and Jewish entrepreneurship. NGT3 companies operate within the framework of an Israeli government-licensed technological incubator. At NGT3, we focus on our “triple” bottom line by:

  • Developing and creating value to cutting-edge medical technologies and start-up companies
  • Providing high financial return for our partners and investors
  • Fostering a social agenda of inclusion and multicultural collaboration

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