You are currently viewing launches Osteoarthritis Treatment Clinical Trials with the Wolfson University Medical Center announced today the start of a connected, home-based clinical trial with the Wolfson University Medical Center for knee osteoarthritis of their novel non-invasive wearable electroceutical device which aims to offer drug-free, treatment of knee osteoarthritis by accelerating healing, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain–all in a home setting.

Watch the clinical trial being introduced here:

Osteoarthritis affects 7% of the global population, more than 500 million people worldwide, and can lead to chronic inflammation. Dysregulation of inflammatory response contributes broadly to the development of many chronic conditions. Long-term use of steroids and NSAIDs for inflammation as well as opioids for associated chronic pain, present a growing and significant medical issue. The wearable platform technology introduces a non-invasive, non-pharmacological solution of which knee osteoarthritis is the first application.

Located in Jerusalem, the biotech capital of Israel, has access to top talent in medicine, engineering, software, e-textiles, and most importantly Israeli style out-of-the-box thinking.

“Transforming functional sports clothing to deliver personalized, precision electrotherapy is an exciting medical innovation with the potential to impact a broad range of chronic inflammatory illnesses. This clinical trial is designed to treat painful knee osteoarthritis at home to benefit both patients and health professionals,” said Dr. Laurie Blendis, Professor of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Founder and CEO Moshe Lebowitz said, “We owe a huge thank you to BizLabs and Dr. Anat Engel, CEO of Wolfson and her teams of clinical and research professionals. Dr. Engel understands startups and knows how to make medical innovation happen. At Wolfson, patient-centric innovation is not just a vision, but a reality well executed by the caring, dedicated professionals throughout the entire 670-bed medical center.” was introduced to Wolfson by Gil Shourka, Managing Director of the BizLabs Technology Scalerator accelerator. The successful collaboration between Wolfson and Healables can be credited as part of the inspiration for the new BizLabs Medtech accelerator led by Dr. Elad Stern.

The clinical trial at the Wolfson University Medical Center studying the wearable electroceutical device started recruiting in August. For more information click here: rch or is also a graduate of the Hadassah Accelerator powered by IBM Alpha Zone and in addition to Wolfson, is working with the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem who has agreed to lead a multi-site clinical trial on diabetic neuropathy.

The solution is comprised of a light and flexible wearable device that docks with fashionable sports e-textiles with built-in electrodes and sensors to generate personalized evidence-based low-current medical electrotherapy. The system is operated by a smartphone app with a powerful HIPAA compliant backend that collects the data for AI processing and can be remotely adjusted by medical professionals. microcurrent electrotherapy promotes healing that relieves pain via several putative anti-inflammatory mechanisms including up-regulating cellular ATP pathways and mitochondrial function as well as direct electron quenching of free radicals that damage inflamed tissues,” said Dr. George Lowell, CSO and former Chief Scientific Officer of BioDefense at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals.

Dr. Andrew David Shiller, a physical rehabilitation and pain management specialist who serves as Chief Medical Officer adds, “ wearable electroceuticals provide reliable home-based self-treatment by patients in a comfortable home environment that fits in with their schedules. At the same time, medical professionals can provide ‘hands-on’ treatment remotely during a telehealth session by adjusting treatment parameters in real-time while observing patient response and physiological data.”

Professionals can remotely build personalized electrotherapy treatment programs that are downloaded to the patient app for self-administration. With secure BLE technology, the app controls the wearable device to give the patient the exact treatment prescribed. Patient compliance is verified and enhanced with a robust practitioner portal, so multiple patients can be easily prescribed and monitored.

“Remote treatment solutions such as the wearable electroceutical offer promise for lowered healthcare costs and better patient outcomes and are an exciting space for savvy angel investors and VCs,” said Mark Germain, Biotech Veteran and Co-Managing Director of the Aentib Group.  Mr. Germain is Chairman of BiondVax, Lead Independent Director/former Co-Chairman of Pluristem and has been a co-founder and past board member of numerous biotech companies including Alexion, Neurocrine, ChromaDex and others.


About is a digital health startup with an AI-driven behavioral health coach and wearable digital therapeutic that docks with smart textiles for the home-based and remote treatment of sports injuries, chronic illness, and chronic pain. The company was created in 2017 and has raised $2.5M to date.

The medical product line addresses a broad range of inflammatory illnesses including osteoarthritis, painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN), lower back pain, incontinence, and COPD. Clinical trials are planned to support an FDA De Novo in the US. also plans to work with the NHS, EMA, CDSCO and NMPA.

ElectroGear is the sports and wellness brand and product line. Together with the HYPE Global Sports Accelerator, has announced a pilot with the Stade Français Paris Rugby Club and is currently recruiting professional sports teams for additional pilots. The wellness Go-to-Market strategy targets the US, EU, and UK sports markets for launch within 6 months of funding.

Funding Status has raised $1.1M in funding to date and was awarded $1.4M in grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and the BioJerusalem Biotech grant. The company is currently raising $1M in pre-Series A funding closing in September.


Moshe Lebowitz, CEO Wearables that Heal
info at Israel: 972 (2) 376-3760 USA: 1 (561) 467-7709 UK: 44 (204) 538-4900


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