You are currently viewing HIL Co-Founder and CTO, Prof. Arie Zigler, is a finalist for Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis 2018

June, 2018 – Prof. Arie Zigler, HIL’s Co-Founder and CTO,  and a faculty member of the Hebrew University’s Physics Department, was announced as a finalist for the Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis of 2018. Professor Zigler was chosen as one of the 8 finalists for the award due to the novel approach he has developed, for the production of fast protons by the interaction of high-intensity short laser pulses with “snow” targets. The prize committee found the approach a promising development towards ultra-compact, cost-effective, and affordable ion acceleration systems and advanced forms of radiotherapy.

The Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis is given every two years since 2000 for scientists that are responsible for outstanding developments and make advancements in the scientific application of lasers.

HIL Applied Medical is developing a new class of ultra-compact, high-performance proton therapy systems.  They have applied a patented approach to particle acceleration and beam delivery, combining nano-technology with ultra-high-intensity lasers and advanced magnetics. These technological breakthroughs enable meaningful reduction in the size, complexity and cost of proton therapy systems, without compromising clinical utility.

Thus HIL aims to enable, for the first time, a single-room add-on proton therapy solution that is truly cost-effective.

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