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Image Navigation is raising next round of funding for $8.5 million towards launch in US and European markets in 2022.

Image Navigation, Ltd. Is preparing to launch the Image Guided Implantology, IGI 2.0 system, a navigation and robotic-tool based system for dental implantology. IGI 2.0 overcomes the workflow and clinical challenges that have hindered the migration of navigation and robotics to dentistry. Surgeons will have the ability to confidently perform precise, predictable, and repeatable dental procedures.

The IGI V2.0 offers a robust interface, superior ergonomics, a small footprint, user-friendly ergonomics, unmatched sub-millimeter accuracy and, precision-chairside workflow using the new and proprietary SnapLock device.

Navigation and robotics are expected to create a buzz at the upcoming American Academy of Periodontology show in Miami, FL on November 5-7. Visit Image Navigation in Booth #208 and see how a creative Israeli R&D company developed the world’s leading dental navigation system, utilizing a design-thinking approach that addresses the real needs of the dental implantology. Dr. Uri Sonenfeld, the clinical architect of the IGI system, will be providing hands-on on-site demos to dentists and investors. Guests of Image Navigation will be allowed free access to the exhibition space. Please contact the company for further information.


Over 10 million dental implants are placed annually in the USA and Europe, restoring teeth, function, and patient smiles and generating $20B in annual revenue. Yet, guidance systems and robotics have made limited inroads into this field. Practical challenges, specific to dentistry, include small mouth spaces, anatomical richness, and difficult registration. Image Navigation Ltd., is answering these with their IGI system for implantology. The IGI 2.0 will overcome workflow and clinical challenges, enabling precise, predictable, and repeatable implant placement.

Image Navigation has a rich history of dental innovation. Thousands of implants were placed with the first-generation product that preceded the advent of CT scanners in the dental surgeon practice. When the IGI 1.0 was introduced, there were almost no 3D CT scan imaging in the dentist’s office, and the patient needed to go to the hospital to get scanned. Today, the rapid spread of in-office CBCT (Dental Cone Beam Computerized Tomography, the CT scanner of choice for dentists) scanners is driving the demand for dental navigation for dental implant placement with currently over 39,000 3D scanners in dentists’ offices, and an expected 57,000 CBCT scanners to be installed by 2022. The price of a CBCT scanner has dropped from $250 K in 2012 to $58K in 2021.

Image Navigation’s next generation IGI 2.0 product with streamlined workflow and precise registration, is expected to make dynamic imaging the standard of care in implant placement. IGI version 2.0 is anticipated to reach the European market in Q2 2022 and the USA market in Q3 2022 with an estimated FOB price of $ 37,000.

About Image Navigation Ltd.

Image Navigation Ltd. Is headquartered in the US, with R&D based in the Har Hozvim Technology Park, Jerusalem, Israel. The company is focused on the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced surgical navigation technology. IGI expands the use of 3D CBCT (Cone Beam-CT) scan images from diagnostics and planning to real-time surgical applications to enable surgeons to perform precise, predictable, and repeatable procedures. Image Navigation Ltd. plans to enter additional markets in endodontics and orthopedics. Image Navigation Ltd. has its R&D site in Jerusalem, HQ in New Jersey, and a reference site in Silicon Valley.

$18M has been invested in the company from private investors as well as a substantial grant from the Israel Innovation Authority.

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