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Jerusalem-based Image Navigation Ltd., a pioneer in surgical navigation systems, plans to launch its second generation Image Guided Implantology (IGI) system during the EAO Congress in Geneva next week. The new IGI 2.0, groundbreaking technology provides real-time surgical navigation for maximum accuracy in dental implants and other treatments. It offers a robust interface, superior ergonomics, a small footprint, user-friendly ergonomics, and unmatched sub-millimeter accuracy. A dual surgical navigation and robotic system – without the robot – for dental implantology will be exhibited from September 29 until October 1.

Over 10 million dental implants are placed annually in the USA and Europe, restoring teeth, function, and patient smiles and generating $20B in annual revenue. Yet, guidance systems and robotics have made limited inroads into this field. Tooth implants are similar to a screw with an internal thread that must be inserted into the jaw during a surgical procedure involving drilling. The drilling is done in the mouth where visibility is already limited and, in an area, laden with anatomical structure: blood vessels, nerves, adjacent teeth, and nasal cavities which makes it extremely difficult to accurately drill. Patients are under no anesthesia which makes it increasingly difficult with their moving and swallowing for the procedure to be done.

The IGI system brings the precision of navigation and the safety of robotic tools to the field of dental implantology. Its new transformative robotic Auto-stop feature stops the drill when it is outside the planned trajectory or location, thereby providing robotic surgery without the robot. The foundation of Auto-stop is Image Navigation’s proprietary high accuracy, no-observable-lag tracking.

The Image Navigation proprietary patient-to-system connector enables a smooth and efficient chairside workflow without compromising its sub-mm pinpoint accuracy. This allows the surgeon to focus on the patient – rather than constantly monitoring the connector for movement or rotation. The system enables both same-day scan, plan, and surgery, as well as surgery at a date subsequent to the CT scan, without any diminution of accuracy.

Lawrence Obstfeld, CEO of Image Navigation, said, “Our IGI 2.0 is a Waze for dental implantology, providing the highest accuracy in implant surgery together with the safety of robotics – without a large and expensive robot in the surgical field. The surgeon navigates in real-time, according to the pre-surgical plan. The auto-stop will disable the drill if it is not following the on-screen indicators displayed on the screen. This new IGI 2.0 will usher in an exciting era of navigated and robotic dentistry.”

IGI extends the use of 3D dental CT scans from diagnosis and planning to the actual surgical procedure. The pre-op CT image is utilized as a detailed on-screen map, providing the surgeon with precise real-time visualization of the direction, position, and depth of the drill tip. The current installed base of 120,000 Dental CT scanners worldwide represents about $5B in capital investment.

IGI version 2.0 is anticipated to reach the European market in H1 2023.

Image Navigation Ltd. will be exhibiting the new IGI 2.0 at the European Academy of Osseointegration Congress, at Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland, September 29 – October 1, Booth H31.

About Image Navigation

Image Navigation Ltd., with offices in the United States, and R&D based in Jerusalem, Israel, is focused on the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced surgical navigation technology. Its flagship image-guided implant system (IGI) expands the use of 3D cone beam-CT scan images from diagnostics and planning to real-time surgical applications to enable dentists and dental surgeons to perform precise, predictable, and repeatable dental implant procedures. Image Navigation Ltd. plans to enter additional markets in endodontics and orthopedics.

$18M has been invested in the company from private investors as well as a substantial grant from the Israel Innovation Authority.

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