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Immunyx Pharma is member of CanceRNA , a global consortium applying RNA-based therapeutics to successfully unlock anti-cancer immune responses. The consortium is led by Professor Michal Lotem, MD, Head of Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI), and Prof. Rotem Karni , Department Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the HCRI at the Hadassah University Medical Center.

Immunyx Pharma  is a biotech start-up company employing experts in the field of immunology and nanoparticle delivery. The company is pioneering novel approaches to immune modulation using targeted nanoparticles to decrease the toxicity of neutrophils in disease. Neutrophils are the white blood cells (leukocytes) that are the immune system’s first line of defense, in particular as a result of bacterial infection, environmental exposure, and some cancers. Immunyx Pharma ’s neutrophil-targeting technology is based on years of basic and translational research by professors Zvika Granot and Zvi Fridlender, at the Hebrew University. The team has developed a cutting-edge platform technology called TENNs, targeted neutrophil nanoparticles, which solves the key problems in diseased neutrophil manipulation.

Numerous chronic illnesses such as COPD, cancer, and arthritis involve deregulated neutrophils which exacerbate, and sometimes cause, the underlying pathology. Using its platform technology, Immunyx is developing new therapies for several diseases where toxic neutrophil modulation could advance a cure. Despite years of effort by large pharma, currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs targeting neutrophil activity in disease, providing Immunyx the potential to provide first-in-class therapies for a variety of diseases.

As part of CanceRNA, Immunyx Pharma x will be using its technology to enhance and broaden the impact of immunotherapy in the combat against cancer, with a specific focus on using targeted mRNA expression in the innate immune system. Both Merck KGA and Immunyx Pharma are the industrial partners on the grant, responsible for mRNA delivery platforms to improve the immune detection of cancers.

The TENNs Technology

Neutrophils are a large and highly mobile cell population, with rapid turnover. TENNs is a targeted nanoparticle platform for concentrated drug delivery to neutrophils, preventing toxicity. The TENNs technology solves classical challenges in neutrophil therapy and modulates diseased neutrophils using targeted payload delivery. When administered in-vivo, the TENNs specifically modulate neutrophils but do not ablate them, avoiding neutropenia (lack of neutrophils. Patients with neutropenia are at risk for both recurrent and severe infections, especially bacterial and fungal infections. This is useful for numerous diseases. Moreover, TENNs have a long half-life and preferentially target & deliver to the broad population of diseased neutrophils.

About Immunyx Pharma

Immunyx Pharma is a drug development company focused on modulating neutrophil function to treat disease. The company was founded based on technology from the Hebrew University with the backing of VLX Ventures. Established in 2021 with offices in Jerusalem and New York City, Immunyx uses the company’s platform technology to specifically manipulate neutrophils using a targeted nanoparticle. Immunyx Pharma will bring new therapies to several diseases where neutrophil treatment could advance a cure.

The Immunyx Pharma team has published several high-impact papers on the role of immune cell polarization in cancer response and has several key opinion leaders who have brought 6 nanoparticle drugs to clinical trials. In total, the team has published over 50 papers on cancer immunology and nanoparticle delivery.

In addition to their in-house development programs, Immunyx Pharma is highly interested in collaboration with Pharma partners. Numerous drugs targeting neutrophils and the immune microenvironment have failed due to systemic toxicity or poor drug delivery.

Immunyx Pharma‘s platform allows partners to use their existing drugs or new pipeline molecules with an enhanced level of accuracy and efficacy by packaging them in their targeted nanoparticles.

By combining tools and technologies Immunyx Pharma is able to reshape the landscape of drug treatment bringing the patient better results and less side-effects.

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