You are currently viewing InnovationQuarter (NL) visits the Hebrew University BioGiv “Excubator” Infrastructure Center

June 7, 2018 – InnovationQuarter (NL) visited the @BioGiv “Excubator” Infrastructure Center of the Hebrew University at the Hitech Village on the Givat Ram Campus. The visit was organized by JLM-BioCity.

Francis Quint & Johan Stins – @InnovationQuarter and Annegien Blokpoel – @PerspeXo met with and got presentations from Noa Dekel from BioGiv, Yaron Suissa and Joe van Joseph Van Zwaren from JLM-BioCity, Tsevi Beatus from both @BioDesign and Brainwatch, and Ilya Budik and Joseph Strauss from Imagine Bio. JLM-BioCity gave an overview of the bio ecosystem of Jerusalem and on how the synergy between companies, academia, hospitals in Jerusalem is driving the innovation in biotech and healthcare. @Imagine Bio gave an overview of the dynamic rise of Israel as a top digital health hub and opportunities international players to collaborate and leverage the local industry. The Dutch guests toured BioGiv and met two of the startups, with Shimon Shteingart from @BioImmunate and Shaul Mezan from @Pepticom.

InnovationQuarter is an NGO with the mission of supporting and stimulating the innovation in West Holland in close co-operation with all major corporations, educational and research institutions – like the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University – and government organisations.

Bio-Giv ‘s Excubator offers space to early-stage biotech and Biomed startups providing access to fully certified, safety – regulated and equipped facilities for life science development. Since the opening of the new facilities in January, they have accepted 6 startup companies and are screening four more to be accepted.