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Sonovia Ltd, which produces and markets masks made from the their anti-bacterial & antiviral fabrics, sees itself on the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. It is expanding its global marketing campaign and is actively seeking business partners, both for its masks and for expanding the application of its protective fabrics.

Sonovia‘s SonoMasks really help business people, employers, and employees be able to carry on their business affairs with the confidence of the mask’s protection,” emphasizes Sonovia‘s marketing and sales manager, Ben Hajaj. “We know our masks can make the difference for businesses, startups, and hi-tech firms, and more, by helping to keep people healthy. We are offering bulk discounts. We also have been offering special discounts to concerns and individuals in the health-care.”

In the wake of the Coronavirus (later labeled COVID-19) pandemic, the company applied its anti-microbial patented technology, originally developed for a line of reusable, washable fabrics for use in hospitals that destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 7 years in the making, Sonovia‘s ultrasound-based technology, supported by Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner Sidney Altman, and developed at Bar-Ilan University, embeds Zinc-Oxide nanoparticles, which stop the spread of infections, directly into the textile. Today’s SonoMask offers superior active 2-way protection, breathability, and comfort.

The Sonomask  was shown to be able to neutralize the novel coronavirus at an effectiveness of 99.34% in trials performed by the internationally accredited ATCCR Testing laboratory. New test results from the BBI Laboratory of North Carolina back findings that Sonovia‘s SonoMask have been proven to successfully neutralize 99.34% of COVID-19, even after 55 wash cycles!

Research supported by funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, in conjunction with 16 partners from 10 European countries, also found the one-step process to be effective.

To Purchase Masks:

The SonoMask can be purchased at the Sonovia online store:
and shipped anywhere in the world in 3-5 business days.

Special discount of 10% for  JLM-BioCity members  – please use coupon using the code  JLM10 or contact Ben Hajaj: ben at

Seeking Business Partners

Sonovia is actively looking for business partners globally for the Sonomask. To get further information go to:

Sonovia started manufacturing its product in March at a plant near Nahariya in the north of Israel and now markets the product overseas. Sonovia has already sold the SonoMasks to the hospitals in Israel, Europe and the United States.

Sonovia originally developed anti-bacterial & anti-viral garments to reduce hospital induced infections. With the pandemic, Sonovia focused efforts in producing a mask providing ultimate protection against the COVID-19, the SonoMask, a unique reusable mask with antiviral properties that lasts over a year. Furthermore, the SonoMask is a far “greener” solution than traditional disposable face masks. The commercial success of the SonoMask triggered the decision to go public with their IPO.

Sonovia is a green impact company that strives to revolutionize the textile world and make it greener and safer for use,” said chairman and CEO Joshua Hershcovich. “We are happy to receive the Israeli stock exchange’s vote of confidence in our company’s activity, which has been expressed through the high demand our company received from leading investors in the stock exchange.”

Even with the success of the SonoMask, Sonovia is forging ahead in the development of self-sterilizing garments and fabrics for a wide range of applications. Sonovia earlier this year participated in trials with Adler Plastic in Italy, working toward creating a solution for carpets and other types of fabrics. The company boasted a 99.999% efficiency rate against bacteria during the pilot testing round.

Furthermore, Sonovia attracted the cooperation of top brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Adidas, working on the Fashion for Good Plug and Play accelerator project – earning a $250,000 investment for their innovation.

Sonovia has developed a leading technology which enables the production of eco-friendly textiles that have long-lasting anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties,” Hershcovich concluded. “The IPO strengthens our financial resilience as we realize the company’s R&D plans of new applications, the completion of the industrialization of the technology, and the move to first sales of our technology division.”

Sonovia Ltd (Tel Aviv: SONO.TA) has completed its initial public offering (IPO) and is now listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Sonovia‘s offering was oversubscribed, attracting a total of NIS 55.9 million ($18.5 m.), of which NIS 35 million ($10.7 m.) will be liquidated in stocks to public investors to represent 25.9% of the company at NIS 9.15 a share. Sonovia raised an additional NIS 12 million ($3.7 m.) through a private offering. The company was valued at NIS 94 million ($29 m.) before going public, with a NIS 141 million ($43.4 m.) post-money valuation.

Contributing Source: Jerusalem post Dec 8, 2020