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May 28, 2018  – 6Degrees is developing a unique algorithm that will be embedded within a line of products; the first of which is Crescent, an assistive technology/ life-style band that allows people who experience hand dexterity loss to reconnect with their smart devices (phone computer or tablet). Maariv newspaper ran a full feature story on 6Degrees.

The company’s patented hands-free controller, Crescent, can be utilized to operate any smart device, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Crescent has deep applicability in the fields of AR/VR, defense, and assistive technologies. Because no two people are alike, Crescent “listens” to each user’s motion and adapts to their unique abilities and needs.

6Degrees’ first target market includes the 300 million individuals worldwide who have lost full use of their hands due to amputation, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke-related paralysis. Crescent is embedded with an innovative learning algorithm that allows people with disabilities to use their devices without limitations.

“The heart of our project is to bring people who experience technological isolation back into the online community. In a world where technology occupies such a central place in our lives and we cannot imagine ourselves getting along without a cell phone or computer, it doesn’t make sense that so many people remain disconnected. Our product is designed to improve their lives and that’s what drives us.”  Miri Berger, co-founder, 6 degrees.

6Degrees was established in 2015 by life partners Aryeh Katz, an electrical engineer, and Miri Berger, an industrial designer. The idea for the unique mouse sprang from a class Ms. Berger took when she studied industrial design at the Pratt Institute in New York in 2010-2013. One of her professors was a dominant-hand amputee who lost his hand in an accident, and used a hook prosthetic to alternate between a regular mouse and a keyboard.

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