Dec 12, 2017: Neteera Technologies Ltd. [ ] announced the addition of Jason Rudd and Ilya Vatsel to the company’s senior management team bringing a wealth of experience and know-how to the growing sensor technology company.

Jason Rudd, Neteera’s VP of Sales and Marketing, comes after working for Mobileye (NYSE: MBLY) for 11 years as the Senior Director of OEM and Tier1 sales.  Mr. Rudd brings over 20 years of industrial and automotive high-tech experience.  Jason’s tasks will include expanding Neteera’s customer base as the company completes the next generation of sub-THz Micro Radar System-on-Chip (SoC) and associated vital signs monitoring software to be marketed initially to the Healthcare and Automotive verticals.

Ilya Vatsel, Neteera’s VP of Operations and Engineering, joins after being employed by Mobileye (NYSE: MBLY) for 8 years where he served as the VP of Operations.  Mr. Vatsel has over 18 years of experience in innovative product design, engineering, operations and mass production of components.  Ilya’s position will include operations management, production of new and enhanced components and engineering.

Isaac Litman, CEO of Neteera, notes that “Given their unique range of skills and experience, the recent addition of Ilya and Jason, brings a new dimension to our ability to reach the market and satisfy its requirements.”

Jason and Ilya look forward to working together with Neteera’s staff both in Israel and abroad as the company begins sales and joint ventures with multi-national corporations in a variety of industries.

About Neteera:

Neteera Technologies Ltd [ ]. develops unique sub-Terahertz and Terahertz band micro-radar System-on-Chip (SoC) and algorithms, for use in varying industries including the medical, automotive and security markets. Neteera’s componentry and proprietary software enables sensing over a variety of distances, with high resolution and in a cost-effective manner. The micro-radar is capable of detecting a variety of things. The initial product offering consists of detection of key vital signs, such as Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiration and Pulse Wave Velocity. Branching out to other use cases will enable detection of concealed object as well as other elements in the free field.

Neteera solutions do not require a “line of sight’, are environment agnostic and are not disturbed by materials such as clothing.  It can be embedded into other structures, for example automotive seats or smart furniture. Sub-THz and THz radiation is intrinsically safe, directional, non-ionizing, and non-destructive, making it ideal for the broadest possible range of applications.

For information contact:  Rena Riger +972544540881

Source: Biospace