You are currently viewing JLM-based Tissue Dynamics validated its groundbreaking technology with some of the world’s largest Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies!!

March 20, 2018 – Tissue Dynamics Ltd. validated its groundbreaking technology with some of the largest Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The company is seeking an experienced CEO to take it globally.

Tissue Dynamics Ltd. is a groundbreaking biotechnology company that develops and provides toxicology and efficacy screening services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Tissue Dynamics’ proprietary organ on chip technology monitors minute changes in metabolic function in real time.  Its microfluidic platform mimics the normal physiology of human tissue, by perfusing engineered human liver, brain, and cardiac tissues in specialized niches. Its technology detects stress at concentrations far below the threshold of cellular damage, elucidating mechanism of action without a priori information, highlighting idiosyncratic toxicity risk.

The founder and interim CEO of Tissue Dynamics is Prof. Nahmias who is the director of the Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is an internationally recognized expert in tissue engineering and nanotechnology, and the founder of several biotechnology startups.

Tissue Dynamics is actively seeking for an accomplished CEO looking for the next revolutionary biotechnology unicorn. Background in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or chemical manufacturing sector is an advantage.  Email:

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