You are currently viewing MYOR Begins US Commercialization of its Breakthrough Platform to Prevent Allergic Conditions

MYOR‘s NURTURE Precision Infant Care enables prevention of food allergies and atopic dermatitis via early prediction in newborns.

NURTURE, a clinical decision support tool, provides a personalized risk analysis and tailor-made protection plan to promote evidence-based interventions to mitigate disease risk.

MYOR, a leading digital health company, was founded in Jerusalem in partnership with Yissum and the Hebrew University.

Following the successful completion of its revolutionary platform and receival of FDA clearance, MYOR has initiated commercialization in the United States.

NURTURE Precision Infant Care is the world’s first comprehensive solution to prevent food allergies and atopic dermatitis, two related allergic conditions that affect nearly 25% of children in the developed world. MYOR, alongside medical professionals, assesses several biological and environmental risk factors shortly after the birth of a newborn, and immediately provides a personalized risk assessment and risk report to parents. The assessment is entirely noninvasive and painless and takes just a few minutes. It was developed following years of research on skin biochemistry and skin microbiology by both Prof. Roni Kohen and Michael Brandwein, two of MYOR‘s cofounders, and the compilation of a proprietary database comprising 13 million data points. Following risk assessment, MYOR provides tailor-made protection plans to parents, including actionable recommendations and consumer products to mitigate the risk of developing food allergies and atopic dermatitis.

MYOR aims to eliminate unnecessary diseases and discomfort. This product will usher in a new era of infant care and empower parents to take control of their newborn’s health,” said Idan Katz, CEO of MYOR.

Dr. Ariel Katz, MYOR‘s Chairman and cofounder, added, “Proper immune development is a cornerstone of a healthy immune system. Using our unique understanding of the microbiome, skin functionality and immunity, we are helping keep healthy individuals healthy.”

MYOR is a leading company in the field of Primary Preventive Care, which aims to eliminate risk factors for developing diseases. Using their expertise in skin science, they aim to identify at-risk individuals in order to offer precision products and recommendations to mitigate risk. MYOR generates risk assessments by using skin-surface noninvasive monitoring of various skin biomarkers combined with advanced analytics and machine learning. The above approach has been actualized with a fully developed infant care platform consisting of products to reduce the prevalence of atopic dermatitis, allergic conditions, and nutrient deficiency in infants.

MYOR has received widescale recognition, including receiving the prestigious MedTech Breakthrough Award and Israel’s Most Promising Digital Health Startup Award.

MYOR‘s current product line is geared towards the infant market, yet its platform and pipeline are ripe for expansion into other areas of preventive care, including aging and obesity.

The company is currently seeking round A funding.

For more information, contact MYOR (info at or visit their website

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