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Neteera was chosen as one of the Best Patient Monitoring Solution Providers by Insight Care for 2022. Neetera Technologies has developed an AI-powered nursing assistant that provides remote patient monitoring to nursing homes and hospitals to log a person’s heart and respiratory rate, and heart rate interval. It will automatically alert staff medical when a person’s vital signs drop below normal levels. This device will reduce the number of routine spot checks, lowering staff burdens and allowing them to monitor their patients at a safe distance when dealing with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.

The technology is a radar-based solution working at a distance of 5 ft. that is maintenance-free and doesn’t discriminate against skin color or tone. Neteera measures micro-skin displacements that are caused by heartbeats and respiration in a contactless manner. The signal that’s derived, the ballistocardiogram, correlates with standard ECG signals. The device doesn’t compromise patient privacy by being non-intrusive and not relying on images. Patients are able to be monitored without the discomfort of wires and cables while being in a location of their choice. All that is needed is WiFi connectivity for Neteera’s dashboard to display real-time vitals on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The vitals measured includes heart rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate interval.

Respiratory rate (RR; number of breaths per minute) is the early predictor of preventable patient deterioration (not heart rate, not blood pressure) and ironically, it remains the most inaccurately measured and recorded vital sign. Furthermore, there are no regulations or standards requiring the accurate recording of respiratory rate. Normal respiration rates for an adult person at rest range from 12 to 18 breaths per minute (bpm). Tachypnea (respiratory rate > 20 bpm) is often the first sign of eminent cardiac arrest, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, sepsis, shock, and respiratory insufficiency, 22–24 while bradypnea (respiratory rate < 8 bpm) is an early indicator of narcotic and sedative complications. Respiratory rate is an important indicator of severe instability in many-body systems, not just the respiratory system.

On average, it takes up to six minutes and twenty-six seconds (06:26) for a nurse to take and record the vital signs of a single patient, which most likely does not include respiratory rate. On general medical floors vital signs are measured every four hours. To add a whole minute to measure respiratory rates across a hospital ward would simply crash the healthcare system. The health ecosystem does not have the manpower to perform this task, since it is suffering from a chronic nurse shortage due to heavy workload and burn out. Thus, the Neteera device would save the nursing staff half an hour per patient and provide respiratory monitoring, which is an important indicator of the early onset of many medical complications.

There are many benefits to this technology including slashing healthcare costs and improving patient healthcare by getting patients a much quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Additionally the caregivers productivity will increase significantly while patient comfort will be increased.

Similar solutions that are already being offered only offer spot checks and require patients to manipulate devices or receive caregiver assistance. Neteera is entering the landscape with this new AI that provides continuous monitoring while eliminating the need for device manipulation, removal of clothing, caregiver presence, and patient involvement. The technology is furthering the current trend where Healthcare is transitioning from the traditional health institution to the home in many aspects including care management, chronic care treatment, or remote patient monitoring.

“We are currently developing additional features such as Bio-ID, sleep detection, and patient behavior monitoring to potentially detect additional clinical issues”, stated Isaac Litman, founder and CEO of Neteera. “These and all future additions will be available on the same product, which is part of our vision – to provide a platform solution that will entail more and more services and features based on software upgrades.”

Neteera 130 is listed as a device with the FDA, Class 2 510(k) exempt. Full FDA clearance is expected to be approved in Q2/22.

About Neteera

Staffing shortages across the healthcare ecosystem is taking its toll on nursing staff and caregivers. In addition, the desire to shift towards home-based care, especially in rural areas, has driven the need for a better remote patient monitoring platform and patient experience.

Current solutions lack a frictionless experience for both the patient and clinician as they often only offer spot checks and require patients to manipulate devices or receive caregiver assistance. This can be problematic for the elderly, cognitively or motor-impaired individuals.

Neteera’s technology addresses these needs with a continuous, contactless, passive vital signs, and bio-data monitoring solution. Our FCC, HIPPA, and GDPR compliant solution seamlessly and safely facilitate rapid and accurate remote patient monitoring in real-time.

Neteera’s sensing platform eliminates the need for device manipulation, removal of clothing, and caregiver presence. Neteera’s technology is maintenance-free, radar-based solution that is non-intrusive as it does not rely on images. We can improve care and ultimately reduce healthcare costs and enable optimal comfort for the patients as their involvement is not required.

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