Oct 23, 2017 – NovellusDx has been selected again by the Galien Foundation organizing committee to pitch and participate in The Galien MedStartup Award event that will start on Thursday this week in New York.

The Prix Galien – MedStartUp Award encourages and rewards the most promising startups in Healthcare formed through international partnerships between French, Israeli, and North American innovators. The program brings together companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare industries, where innovation, scientific excellence and commercial goals are paramount. For more information about please visit the event webpage.

Haim Gil-Ad, NovellusDx co-founder and CEO, will be delivering a company presentation on Thursday, October 26th at 10:48 AM at the Alexandria Center for Life, New York.

For more information, see: http://www.novellusdx.com/news/novellusdx-elected-to-pitch-in-the-galien-yearly-forum/

About NovellusDx

NovellusDx has developed a novel live-cell based assay to monitor the activity of signaling pathways. Using this proprietary platform, NovellusDx’ solution helps biopharma companies identify new target mutations and expanded subgroups of cancer patients who are likely to respond to existing therapies and stratify patients to enable more focused and efficient trials. In addition, NovellusDx is able to characterize the activity of unknown mutations in cancer patients, and test their response to targeted therapies. NovellusDx collaborates with large Pharma, biotech and diagnostic companies, as well as, with leading medical centers, such as MD Anderson, Memorial