You are currently viewing Novotalk won the first place at the RESI 2019 Innovation Challenge

In this year’s highly competitive RESI (Redefining Early Stage Investments) Innovation Challenge, Novotalk was chosen in first place against many other technologies in therapeutics, medtech, diagnostics, and digital health verticals.

Novotalk provides an end-to-end digital therapy for people with speech disorders. It’s an online, on-demand (asynchronous), self-directed speech teletherapy solution, which allows those with speech impairments to learn, practice, gain, and maintain comprehensible speech remotely, independently, and discretely. The user goes through therapy with a virtual clinician, together with algorithms that detect pre-defined speech patterns and provide feedback in real-time. The “real” clinician is a data-empowered supervisor to the process. Novotalk makes the therapy accessible, by removing the 2 main barriers to therapy; clinician availability and affordability. Novotalk’s first solution addresses stuttering, a condition which affects 370m people globally.

During July 2018, Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) and Novotalk, Ltd., entered into an exclusive joint venture agreement to commercialize innovative speech and language solutions to address the therapeutic need of patients with speech impairments in the United States and Canada. This product is already commercially available to patients in Israel through Novotalk’s partnership with Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. The Novotalk products are expected to launch in the New York metropolitan area in the fourth quarter of 2018 and will be rolled out to other states shortly after. Mount Sinai’s clinical teams will provide oversight and quality guidelines for the provision of the services.

About Novotalk (

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Israel, Novotalk is a startup company that develops on-demand (asynchronous), self-directed speech and language tele-therapy solutions, which allow those with speech impairments to learn, practice, gain and maintain comprehensible speech remotely, independently and discretely.  Novotalk’s first commercialized product is a patent-pending, web-based and mobile application that provides self-directed speech therapy and training to people who stutter. Those who use Novotalk regularly experience fluent speech which may be a life-changing experience.

source: Life Science Nation