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OmnySense has developed a system that empowers broad populations of healthcare consumers. This system is especially beneficial for the elderly. It will track their health at home and provide them with remote care in a simple and personalized manner. This integrated digital health system employs a thermometer-shaped device, used as a thermometer, to perform a comprehensive remote check-up including temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate, Sp02( oxygen saturation), 6-lead ECG, and stethoscope-like functionality in just 30 seconds. But it is simpler to use than current thermometers. Data from the device is wirelessly transmitted to OmnySense Cloud for algorithmic processing for heuristic-driven health monitoring and alerts as well as visits by remote physicians. It also allows caregivers and/or relatives to keep an eye on the patients’ health. The system has the potential of replacing up to one-third of in-person health services.

To see more about the system, see the video-clip:

Current Funding Round

OmnySense is currently raising funding on the regulated Israeli crowdfunding platform, ExitValley.  This funding round is open to all investors until the 31st of October 2021. ExitValley is an equity-based crowdfunding platform, that allows anybody to invest in s startup, in return for shares. For further details

Medical Trials planned for Israel

During the coming months, OmnySense will start a series of medical trials to validate the system prior to regulatory submissions. These medical trials will include one in a large Israeli hospital and one tracking a group of home-based chronic patients in collaboration with an Israeli HMO.

Management Team

OmnySense is managed by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in medical startups and in submitting and defending intellectual property (IP) in their previous ventures. The team includes Yossi Aldar, CEO, a serial entrepreneur and inventor and co-founder of Flight Medical and SteadyMed; Ian Solomon, CTO, a serial entrepreneur in the MedTech field; and Amir Elhasid, VP Business Development, who was previously Global Director of Marketing, Teva Respiratory, and has over 30 years of experience in the pharma field.

According to Yossi Aldar, CEO, OmnySense “The key to adoption of our system is the fact that we are basing it on the one medical device currently used in all homes. We look forward to receiving feedback from users and physicians prior to preparing the OmnySense system for regulatory approvals and roll-out.”

About OmnySense

OmnySense is a privately-owned start-up company that has developed unique technologies for monitoring and analyzing home-based patients. Thus OmnySense  enables “virtual visits” by physicians. OmnySense completed a $1m “seed” investment in April 2020. OmnySense is currently performing a limited public offering on the regulated crowdfunding platform, ExitValley during the next 2 months, prior to its major fundraising planned for the year-end.
ExitValley Offering –

The data and analytics from the Multimometer System are stored in the OmnySense Cloud. This data thus enables physicians, clinics, and telemedicine partners to perform a remote check-up while in a video conference with the patient. OmnySense’s cloud-based storage and rule-based algorithms will enable relatives and health systems to monitor the elderly and chronically ill, and generate alerts automatically.

OmnySense is currently performing a limited public offering on the regulated funding platform, ExitValley, prior to its major fundraising planned for the year-end.

ExitValley Offering –

Contact Information

Ian Solomon, CTO, OmnySense: T: 972-50-7791493 Email: ian AT

OmnySense Website:

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