OmnySense Prepares for the Next Pandemic

OmnySense Ltd., a leader in enabling remote medical-grade checkups, is proposing to national health authorities and stockpiles to use its Multimometer technology to enable remote monitoring of patients quarantined at home.  The Multimometer employs a thermometer-shaped device which monitors vital signs and lung sounds. It uses a cloud-based “back-end” system for automatically determining which patients are deteriorating and need treatment.

Yossi Aldar, CEO:  “In order to prepare for future pandemics involving viruses like COVID-19 which attack the respiratory system, it is important that the health authorities have a stockpile of Multimometers for distribution to those in need, such as the elderly.  Using OmnySense’s system, the health system will receive automatic alerts and can prioritize the usage of resources accordingly.”

In parallel with its ongoing development and pilot program with Maccabi Healthcare for its revolutionary remote-checkup system, OmnySense is actively seeking a US company to collaborate in supplying a pandemic-specific version of the system.

About OmnySense

OmnySense is a privately owned commercial company which is employing this unique technology platform to create a thermometer-shaped device, the MultimometerTM, which performs a complete medical check-up during the 30 seconds required to take the patient’s temperature. The Multimometer‘s measurements include temperature, a six-lead ECG, lung sounds, heart and respiratory rates, oxygen saturation, and body fluids. The data and analytics are stored in the OmnySense Cloud and enables remote physicians, clinics, telemedicine partners, etc. to perform a check-up while in video-conference with the patient.  OmnySense’s cloud-based storage and rule-based algorithms will enable relatives  and the health systems to monitor their elderly parents and chronically ill, and automatic alerts to be generated.  The Multimometer is a game changer for the telemedicine / home care market, as it solves three main problems:

  • simplicity /compliance (for patients),
  • quality (for physicians)
  • costs (for payers).

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Source: OmnySense