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OmnySense Ltd. started a clinical trial at Wolfson Medical Center in December 2021 to evaluate the use of OmnySense technology to monitor and analyze respiratory sounds as recorded at the mouth. OmnySense’s Smart Thermometer packs far more functionality than current thermometers while also supporting tele-diagnostics and integration with remote telemedicine systems. OmnySense has managed to keep the functioning of the Smart Thermometer as simple as a thermometer while also carrying out a battery of medical diagnostics in addition to just measuring temperature. In this clinical trial, the respiratory sounds as detected by the OmnySense device are being compared to those same sounds as detected using a standard stethoscope at 10 locations on the chest and the back of the patients.

As explained by Dr. Doron Menachemi, Head of Internal Medical Department F, the Brunner Institute for Cardiovascular Research, at the Wolfson Medical Center, “The objective of the trial is to map the lung sounds as detected by a stethoscope to the sounds detected by the OmnySense device. If successful, this will constitute a major step towards enabling remote analysis of the respiratory condition of patients at home, where the patient just uses a simple thermometer-shaped device.”

OmnySense is an Israeli startup company that is pioneering the use of a next-generation smart-thermometer that measures multiple parameters as part of an integrated device/cloud Digital Health information system. An in-mouth microphone within this thermometer-shaped device detects respiratory sounds and transmits them to the cloud for analysis using the company’s algorithms, to detect and analyze lung sounds indicating medical conditions. Vital signs and other parameters measured by the current version of the smart thermometer include:

1. Temperature
2. ECG
3. Pulse rate
4. Respiratory rate
5. Respiratory sounds
6. Blood oxygenation
7. Telemonitoring enables a remote medical team to remotely track the health condition of patients at home

The OmnySense smart thermometer is a virtual medical diagnostics switchblade, with a wide range of applications given from that it is a device that fits into the palm of the hand and yet can easily be operated by the patients themselves. It can provide information to the patient as to whether they need hospitalization, a visit to the doctor, or it is and a minor health disturbance that does not need further medical attention.

The data and analytics are stored in the OmnySense Cloud and enable remote physicians, clinics, telemedicine partners, etc. to perform a check-up while in a videoconference with the patient. OmnySense’s cloud-based storage and rule-based algorithms will enable relatives and the health systems to monitor their elderly parents and chronically ill, and enable automatic alerts to be generated.

About the Wolfson Medical Center

The Wolfson Medical Center is a leading Israeli hospital with expertise in pediatrics, cardiology ophthalmology, and genetics, and extensive experience in running clinical trials for new medical innovations. This specific clinical trial is being run by Dr. Doron Menachemi, Head of Internal Medical Department F, the Brunner Institute for Cardiovascular Research, Wolfson Medical Center, who specializes in internal medicine, cardiology, and early adoption of medical devices.

About OmnySense

OmnySense is a privately-owned start-up company that has developed unique technologies for monitoring and analyzing home-based patients. Thus OmnySense enables “virtual visits” by physicians. The company was founded in 2019 by 3 founders, Yossi Aldar, CEO, a serial entrepreneur and inventor and co-founder of Flight Medical and SteadyMed; Ian Solomon, CTO, a serial entrepreneur in the MedTech field; and Amir Elhasid, VP Business Development, who was previously Global Director of Marketing, Teva Respiratory, and has over 30 years of experience in the pharma field.

Currently, OmnySense is crowdfunding for further investments on the ExitValley platform. If you are interested in investing, you are invited to the link

Contacts: Yossi Aldar, CEO, OmnySense Ltd. yossi AT

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