JLM-BioCity would like to invite you to:

Ingredients for making a successful Bio Start up

Monday, July 17, 2017  17:30  * Azrieli College for Engineering, New Building (the bldg over the underground parking lot, all the way at the other side of the campus), classroom  C-103 floor -1  

A successful Bio Startup is not just great science or technology but a collection of different resources and skills available at the right time and fully understood by the entire team.

JLM-BioCity is inviting 4 speakers experienced with the creation of Bio Startups to speak on various aspects of what makes up a successful start-up:

·  George Yariv, founder, Oridion Medical (acquired by Medtronics)

·  Dr. Lisa Deutsch, CEO, BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd.

·  Jeremy Ben David, CEO, JMB Davis Ben-David

·  Adv. Jeffrey Rashba, Partner, Ephraim Abramson & Co Law Offices

George Yariv  will talk on his experience on 
“From A Start-up to a Global Leader – Critical Path”

George Yariv, as a Hebrew University graduate, transformed a technology from the Physics Department into a global leader in respiratory monitoring. Oridion Systems, based in Har Hozvim, Jerusalem, developed capnography monitors, modules and CO2 breath sampling lines, which monitor adequacy of ventilation and provide an early indication of airway compromise in patients. These devices established the gold standard for this field that remain until this day. Covidien and Medtronic were for a long time major customers for Oridion Systems because Oridion Systems was the only one capable of supplying these enabling components for certain of their health monitoring systems. In 2012, Covidien acquired Oridion Systems. Consequently, in 2015, Covidien was acquired by Medtronic

Lisa Deutsch is the founding partner of BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd, a leading boutique biostatistics consulting firm which has been fulfilling the needs of the biomedical industry for nearly 20 years. BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd. provides a wide range of high level bio-statistical and data management services from the early stages of product development throughout successful submission to the various regulatory bodies.

Lisa will be speaking about “Understanding the advantage of sound statistical advice in all stages of development of bio-medical products

Jeremy Ben David has been assisting companies in securing their patent rights for over 30 years. Owner of the Har Hotzvim based Israel and US IP firm of JMB Davis Ben-David, he will be taking in the subject: “Owning your Intellectual Property – an essential stage on your path to commercial success.”

Adv. Jeffrey Rashba, co-chair of Ephraim Abramson & Co Law Offices‘  international department, focuses his business-oriented practice on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnering, general corporate matters, and licensing (for bio-technology companies). Adv. Jeffrey Rashba will talk about legal and commercial aspects important for bio startup entrepreneurs to have in mind when forming a company.

JLM-BioCity (JBNF-BioMed) is delighted to announce that this event is sponsored by The Azrieli College of Engineeringhttp://english.jce.ac.il/ ) and AtoBe – Azrieli College of Engineering Startup Entrepreneurship Center ( https://www.jce.ac.il/entrepreneurship-center/a-to-be/ ).

The presentations will all be given in English.

RVSP to reserve your place. We request 20 NIS upon entrance to the event to help cover costs.


LOCATION: Azrieli College of Engineering ( http://english.jce.ac.il/ )

About our panelists:

· George Yariv, founder, Oridion Medical (acquired by Medtronics)

1984-2004 Founder and CEO of Oridion Medical
2005-2017 Pro-Bono coacher of “start-upists”

· Lisa Deutsch, CEO, BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd.

Dr. Deutsch, Managing Partner of BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd., founded the company in 2000. Prior to delving into the intricate world of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Dr. Deutsch worked in Academia serving as a consulting statistician to healthcare professionals, scientists and clinicians, gaining experience in many fields of medical research including anti-viral/anti-infectious agents, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gastrointestinal to develop analysis plans, scientific meeting presentations, and publications in major peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Deutsch has extensive experience in working with the FDA and CE for approval of medical devices and drugs (510k, PMA, NDA). Dr. Deutsch holds an M.Sc. in Statistics (Magna Cum Laude) and PhD from Bar-Ilan University (Israel) in Biostatistics. She has years of comprehensive experience in trial design and sample size calculation, data analysis, algorithm development and extensive knowledge of advanced statistical methods.​

· Jeremy Ben David, CEO, JMB Davis Ben-David

A licensed Israel Patent Attorney since 1987, Mr. Ben-David holds a degree in Civil Engineering. He made Aliyah in 1984.

Since setting up JMB Davis Ben-David in 1995, Mr. Ben-David has built an IP practice which sets the commercial aims of his clients at the fore. He and his team have helped entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies in all technological fields to define and secure their IP goals in important markets around the World.

US: Since 2013, has included a direct US practice, operating from the offices in Har-Hotzvim, to the benefit of their clients, getting better results, more quickly and at lower cost. The US practice is headed by Dr. Mike Hammer.

China: Mr. Ben-David was among the first to see the potential in the rapidly developing Chinese market. During the last few years he has had in increasing presence in China, and is a regular visitor to a growing number of industrial and commercial cities around the country. He regularly advises clients regarding entry into China, and how IP is necessary bolstering commercial interests in that country.

·  Adv. Jeffrey Rashba, Partner, Ephraim Abramson & Co Law Offices

Jeffrey Rashba loves bringing people together to do business, especially when it involves Israeli entrepreneurship and technology.  Jeffrey’s professional mission is to help his clients, and their counterparts, navigate the legal and business ecosystems in which they operate in order to achieve their objectives, and that most often involves close interaction with Israeli clients venturing out globally, and with international clients active in the Israeli market. He has degrees in history (Columbia University), Islamics (University of Chicago) and law (University of Connecticut), but believes the combination of non-academic credentials such as experience, pragmatism and a sense of humor provide the most relevant tools for achieving business solutions. After practicing law for six years in Washington, D.C., Jeffrey  moved to Israel and has been with the Jerusalem-based law firm of Ephraim Abramson & Co. since 1996, where he co-chairs the firm’s international department and focuses his practice on advising individuals and business entities in a range of areas, including life sciences, technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.  Other than trying to maximize time with his family, Jeffrey spends non-office time volunteering with local charitable organizations, most notably one servicing the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.