JLM-BIOCITY presents:

JLM-BIOCITY Pharma Startup Pitch Evening

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

JLM-BioCity is looking for GREAT Pharma Start-ups to pitch to a panel of the following leading pharma investors:

• Prof David Sidransky MD, co-Founder & General Partner, Israel Biotech Fund ( http://israelbiotechfund.com/ )

• Rom Eliaz, PhD, MBA, Head of Merck Ventures Fund ( http://merck-ventures.com/ ) and Israel Bio-Incubator ( http://www.merckserono.co.il/he/merck_serono/israel_bioincubator_fund/israel_bioincubator_und.html )

• Steven Tepper -Israel Brokerage & Investments – IBI

• Hadar Ron, MD, LLB – Founding partner, Israel Healthcare Ventures Ltd. – IHCV

• Inbal Landsberg, Ph.D, Business Development Manager, Dexcel Ltd ( http://www.dexcel.com/ )

From 13 companies that submitted, the panelists choose 5 startups to pitch:

• Immunovative Therapies, Ltd ( http://www.immunovative.com ) develops and manufactures therapeutic vaccine immunotherapy treatments incorporating living immune cells as active ingredients for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

• TrioxBio Inc ( http://new.trioxbio.com/ ), is developing compounds that inhibit Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOSI) vasogenic hypotension (low blood pressure due to dilation of the blood vessels).

• Concenter BioPharma ( http://www.concenterbiopharma.com ) Ltd is developing novel drugs targeting inflammatory pathologies to deal with diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Psoriasis and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) (for both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.)

• ViruCure Therapeutics ( http://virucure.com/ ). Develops breakthrough targeted anti-cancer viral products that will either treat morbid diseases or transform them into chronic, manageable ones.

• Triox Nano Ltd ( http://www.trioxnano.com ). Applying its patented (WO 2014087410) “S.M.A.R.T” nanotechnology platform to develop a drug for the effective treatment of TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) & other human disease. (waiting confirmation)

If you are interested for futher informaton, contact Dr Vitali Shilo at vitali.shilo@gmail.com

JBNF-Biomed has launched a series of startup pitch evenings, to be held every six months, alternatively in Biomed or in Pharma. This will be the sixth such event that JLM-BioCity organized. The next startup pitch evening will be for Pharma startups.

The purpose of these events is to give a platform for promising life science start-ups to present themselves to a forum of investors. In addition, it will help other bio-entrepreneurs to learn how to better pitch their start-ups and to acquaint themselves with investors. JBNF-Biomed is already looking for Biomed startups as well as panelists for its next Biomed startup Pitch Evening scheduled for June.

JLM-BioCity (JBNF-BioMed) is delighted to announce this event is sponsored by The Azrieli College of Engineering ( http://english.jce.ac.il/ ) and AtoBe – Azrieli College of Engineering Startup Entrepreneurship Center ( https://www.jce.ac.il/entrepreneurship-center/a-to-be/ ).

The presentations will all be given in English.

RVSP to reserve your place. There will be a 20 NIS entrance fee to the event.


LOCATION: Azrieli College of Engineering ( http://english.jce.ac.il/ )

About our panelists:

Prof David Sidransky MD, Co-Founder and General Partner of Israel Biotech Fund ( http://israelbiotechfund.com/ )

Co-Founder and General Partner of Israel Biotech Fund. Dr. Sidransky is a renowned oncologist, research scientist and Professor of Oncology and Cellular & Molecular Medicine at John Hopkins University and Hospital. Dr. Sidransky was Vice Chairman of ImClone Systems until its acquisition by Eli Lilly for $6.5B in 2008. He founded several biotechnology companies, including Oncormed Pharmaceuticals, (NASDAQ: OMED), a genetic testing company that was sold to Gene Logic in 1998, and Response Genetics (NASDAQ: RGDX), a developer of markers for cancer therapy.

Rom Eliaz, PhD, MBA, Head of Merck Ventures Fund and Israel Bio-Incubator

Rom joined Merck’s Healthcare team in September 2016 with over 20 years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology development experience as a scientist, entrepreneur, executive and venture capitalist. Prior to Merck, Rom held several several executive positions, as VP of Branded Products at Teva, CEO of NasVax, CEO of ImmCure Therapeutics and Strategic Partner at The Colmen Group. Previously, Rom was VP of Development and Project Management at Intradigm, which was merged with Silence Therapeutics. Formerly, he was Director of Product Development and Project Management at Rinat Neuroscience, acquired by Pfizer in 2006. Earlier, Rom held various management positions at Alza. Following its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson in 2001, he managed J&J investment portfolio in various different pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, led to the market several blockbuster drugs and also advanced over 10 drug candidates from discovery research to clinical trials and commercialization. Before joining the biotech industry, Rom was appointed as Assistant Professor at University of California San Francisco, schools of Medicine & Pharmacy, following a Post-Doct work in drug delivery, drug targeting, tissue engineering and gene therapy at UCSF.
Rom serves as a Director on the BoD of Boston Therapeutics (NASDAQ: BTHE), Oxygen Therapy, Metabomed and ARTSaVIT. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from the Weizmann Institute of Sciences and Ben-Gurion University (BGU) with an MBA, cum laude, from Harvard Business School and Boston University program at BGU. Published over 40 articles and holds more than 10 patents in the fields of drug delivery, gene therapy and drug targeting.

Steven Tepper -Senior Research Analyst for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. Israel Brokerage & Investments (IBI Investment House)

Steven Tepper IBI is a leading sell-side equity analyst in the pharma and biomed space in Israel, as acknowledged by institutional clients, the financial media and the managements of publicly traded healthcare companies in Israel. Activities included publishing initial research reports, maintaining ongoing company coverage, producing periodical sector updates, marketing investment ideas and managing unique valuation models, built upon the characteristics of the biopharma industry.

Dr. Hadar Ron is the founding partner of Israel Healthcare Ventures Ltd. (IHCV), Israel’s prime Life Science Venture Capital Fund , focused on investing in Israeli and Israeli related companies in the field of medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical related IT.

Israel HealthCare Ventures (IHCV), with close to $200 million under management, is headquartered in Tel Aviv. IHCV was founded in 2000 together with prominent US and European investors from the pharmaceutical and financial services worlds. To date, IHCV I and IHCV II have invested in more than 27 companies and had several exits with significant returns to the investors, making IHCV one the most successful funds in the field of life science..

Dr. Ron has an extensive medical, legal and management experience gained in senior positions in the financial, insurance, legal, healthcare sectors.

Dr. Ron had spearheaded several research initiatives, she has vast experience in development, regulatory and commercialization processes in the global healthcare market.

Dr. Ron serves as an active chairman of the Board of several healthcare companies and is a board member of numerous others. In addition Dr. Ron serves as a member of the Board of Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and as a member of the advisory Board of the Momentum , Fund of Tel Aviv University

Dr. Ron is involved in many social and public initiatives in Israel, such as supporting young scientists and new immigrants and acts as a Board Member of Friends of the Sackler School of Medicine , Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Ron is a physician and attorney by education. She holds MD and LLB degrees from Tel Aviv University and has studied at the School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University.

Inbal Landsberg, Ph.D, Business Development Manager, Dexcel Ltd ( http://www.dexcel.com/ )

Inbal is an entrepreneur with extensive bioinformatics and biotech background. She holds a PhD in Genetics from Tel-Aviv university and a post doctoral degree in Bioinformatics from Stanford University. At Stanford, Inbal also studied entrepreneurship at the Sloan Graduate School of Business. Inbal worked as a product manager at NextBio (Now part of Illumina). Inbal co-founded two seed funded companies (dynamicbio Now PTEN labs and Vita Personal Labs).