Terralab Ventures

JBNF presents

“Let’s talk Medical – Giving the Perfect Pitch” 

with guest speakers

Chen Sirkis 

Founder and CEO, CadenSee


Ronen Segal

COO, Brainsway and Chair, BSMT Consortium

And a last minute surprise, two Jerusalem based VC funds that specialize in healthcare and bio startups, will give short presentations –  Yaron Magal, CTO, Terralab Ventures and David Waiman, Partner. Our Crowd

Tuesday, May 5th, 17:30

Chen Sirkis, Founder, CadenSee,  will be presenting his “Giving the Perfect Presentation” seminar for entrepreneurs and other business managers in the Life Science and Healthcare sector who need to sell their ideas to an audience and then to ask for funding or other help. 

The seminar will include key insights into creating presentations that stand out. Novice presenters and experienced managers will learn simple-to-implement techniques and a few secrets to help keep the audience focused and engaged so that the messages have the best chance of hitting their targets.

Ronen Segal will talk about his success story with Brainsway, a Jerusalem based company, that is a game changer in the treatment of different brain disorders and has received approval from the U.S. FDA for use of its Deep-TMS device to treat depression that hadn’t responded to drugs and studies are still ongoing for approval of treatment for OCD, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis and autism. Researchers at Columbia University study Brainsway’s treatment of cocaine addicts, and Harvard University is conducting a study on children with epilepsy. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) involves non-invasive but specific stimulation of brain tissue using brief magnetic pulses. Ronen Segal will also partake of his experience on giving a great pitch.


Moderator: Michael Horesh, JBNF

Invited Speaker:  Chen Sikis, Founder, CadenSee</a>

                                Ronen Segal, COO, <a href=”http://www.brainsway.com/”>Brainsway and Chair, BSMT Consortium

Questions & Answers

Jerusalem VCs:    Yaron Magal, CTO, Terralab Ventures

                                 David Waiman, Partner. Our Crowd

RVSP to reserve your place. There is a 20 NIS entrance fee to the event. 

Bring business cards for the great networking!

For questions, contact us at info@jbnf.org


• Chen Sirkis,

Founder & CEO, CadenSee (Let’s Talk Medical)

After many years of experience in medical marketing, business development, and venture capital, Chen Sirkis established CadenSee, a medical marketing communication and lead generation consulting firm.

CadenSee, helps medical devices and other life science companies tell their stories, convince investors, and get online leads to sales. CadenSee‘s objective is to help companies speak effectively to physicians, investors and patients in a voice that can be heard above the noise in the marketplace because it’s clear, relevant and persuasive.

Chen holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and is a regular speaker at the College of Management and at different forums. Additionally he creates many tools that are available online for free to help life science companies as they grow. His Medical Marketing Communication blog is followed by more than 1200 medical industry professionals.

For more information about Chen, visit his LinkedIn Profile

For a little video – 


• Ronen Segal

COO, Brainsway and Chair, BSMT Consortium

Ronen Segal serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Brainsway and the Chairman of the BSMT (Brain Stimulation and Monitoring Technology) consortium. Before that Mr. Segal served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer with more than 20 years of top leadership roles in various fields including vast hi-tech management experience in a wide range of leading technological groups. In 2004 he co-founded WiTech Communications Ltd., a company providing wireless video solutions for diverse commercial applications, where he served as a Vice President. Prior to this, Ronen Segal served as projects leader for OpTun Inc., where he was responsible for the development of sophisticated fiber-optics communications active switching components. From 1998 to 2000, he worked for the Israeli Navy’s development center on a state-of-the-art submarine data communication system. From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Segal served in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Advanced Technology Unit, where he was responsible for the development and integration of a multi-disciplinary unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system. He studied at the Jerusalem College of Technology as part of a special Academic Reserves project in Electro-Optical Engineering and Applied Physics.

Videos on Brainsway: 

• About the Brainsway TMS treatment

• Male Depression treated by Brainsway TMS in NYC

• Female Depression treated by Brainsway TMS

• Ronen Segal’s presentation on Brainsway at the 2014 Annual JBNF conference