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Opportunities for Israeli Biomed and Agricultural Business in Morocco

Presented by Amine Ayoub,  KKB Partners


moderator: Yaron Suissa, JBNF & vp, Molecular Detections

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• Invited Presentation

“Opportunities for Israeli Biomed and Agricultural Business in Morocco”

by Amine AyoubKKB Partners

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• Nadav Sham, Regional Sales Manager, CIS, Alma Lasers 

• Anan Copty, PhD, Founder and CEO at NIMD Ltd

• Benyamin Rosenstein, NSP – Natural Skin Products

• Achi Kohen-Raz, CEO, Tetrax FB

• Dr. Uzi Mor, CEO,  Cottlab Ltd,

 Eli Shapira, Human Impact – A Cornerstone Group

“There is not a week happening without a deal” was a recent comment given by a senior banker in Casablanca given the recently flourishing dynamics of the private healthcare sector in Morocco.  

These changes in Morocco have been mainly driven by the recent changes of the healthcare regulatory framework. Up until now, only doctors had the right to own private healthcare facilities. The new legal framework passed in February 2015 is a game changer, as it will liberalise the ownership of private clinics. Moving forward, individuals who are not doctors as well as financial investors (both local and international) will have the right to own a clinic.

This initiative will unlock a sector that was already on the radar of a wide range of players. Private investors are therefore in the starting blocks, conducting market analysis and commercial due diligence in order to identify attractive targets with strong growth potential.

Medical tourism has become a main component of this new dynamic, relying on two streams:

The lack of quality healthcare infrastructure across countries in Sub-Saharan Africa has led more and more people to travel to Morocco to get medical treatment, especially when a specific technical expertise is required (e.g. neurology, traumatology, and oncology surgeries). Patients from Europe or from the Middle East are looking for competitive prices for some of their treatments (e.g. dental surgery or plastic surgery)

Foreigners account for about 10% of total revenue in some of the multi-specialty clinics in Casablanca. In order to leverage this attractive context, some private clinics specialised in plastic surgery have developed all-inclusive packages for their patients coming from abroad (including treatment, pick-up at the airport and recovery at a luxury 5-star hotel).

Single-specialty clinics also represent an interesting segment to invest. As mentioned previously, plastic surgery clinics offer treatments at international standards, 30% less expensive than what is usually charged for similar treatments in Europe.

Overall, this new context – backed by Morocco’s political stability – has piqued the interest of a wide range of both local (e.g. insurance companies, pharmaceutical groups) and international players (e.g. private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds).

The depth and dynamics of the private healthcare sector also give further comfort to foreign investors in terms of sizeable market potential. Total healthcare expenditure represented about US$ 6bn in 2014 and has been growing fast at a CAGR of 7.7% over the last four years. Moroccans are dedicating an increasing share of their revenue to healthcare: out-of-pocket spending accounts for over 54% of total Moroccan healthcare spending.

Private spending accounts for about 60%. of total health expenditure in Morocco.

Sponsored by the JCT – Lev Academic CenterOnTarget Chemistry (Israel) and the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum – Biomed Division

About our Invited Speaker

Amine Ayoub is  the Managing Director of KKB Partners, a Morocco based consultancy in Business Development and Market Intelligence that works with companies who are trying to get into the Moroccan and African markets. He will give a presentation about business opportunities in Morocco and has much experience in business development in Health Care and other sectors in Morocco.

Amine is coming to Israel in January.

See Amine Ayoub’s LinkedIn profile

Aug, 2015 article of Amine Ayoub in the Jerusalem Post 

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Sponsored by the JCT – Lev Academic CenterOnTarget Chemistry (Israel) and the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum – Biomed Division