The June 18th JLM-BioCity Meeting is for business executives, cultivators, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the cannabis industry seeking a view into what’s next in this industry. The following speakers have been invited:

• David Waiman – Venture Partner, OurCrowd
• Avraham Hermon- Patent Attorney, JMB Davis Ben-David
• Eli Beda – iCAN, Sales manager, Israel Cannabis

Cannabis, once grown in secret, traded by drug cartels and smoked illegally by consumers, is now being licensed for medical purposes in countries all over the world. The Medical Cannabis global market is expected to grow from $ 3.5 billion in 2017 to $ 20 billion by 2025! Currently, ten American states have legalized its recreational use, and pioneering Uruguay was recently joined by G7-member Canada in the legal-cannabis club. Countries like Canada, the U.S., Germany, and Australia are expected to emerge as leading markets in terms of sales, whereas, countries like Israel are focused on research, innovation and technology development aiming at leveraging the accumulated knowledge into business.

Yet legalization opens a Pandora box of complex issues:

• How to regulate both medical and recreational cannabis?
• Where can medical cannabis achieve its largest impact?
• For lawmakers—how to tax it, which varieties to allow, and who should prescribe it or sell it?
• How can Israel, so far away, compete in the fast global moving markets?
• How can you protect your IP (intellectual property)?
• What do investors perceive as the value in cannabis startups?
These are some of the issues to be explored by the invited speakers.

JLM-BioCity is delighted to announce that this event is sponsored by the Azrieli College of Engineering and Atobe.

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NOTE: We ask you for a 20 NIS donation at the entrance to the event. The JLM-BioCity Team are all volunteers, but we have expenses to cover. Thank you for you donation in advance.

IMPORTANT TO ALSO FILL OUT THE FORM IN HEBREW for the entrance and parking in the below link:

The event will take place in Building 3 room C 102 (first floor) at Azrieli College of Engineering.

Looking forward to meeting you,

JLM-Biocity Team

About our speakers:
David Waiman is a Venture Partner at Our Crowd Investments. He is an experienced technology entrepreneur with 3 previous successful exits. His main interests are in energy and industrial process.

Dr. Medy Wiener is BOL Pharma’s Chief Medical Officer and leads our Medical and Drug Development activities that brings more than two decades of experience in the global Pharma and Biotech field with diverse skills and a proven track record in drug development, pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, business development, and strategy.

She is a multidisciplinary high-level executive
Avraham Hermon is a US Patent Agent and an Israel Patent Attorney. Mr. Hermon has extensive experience drafting patent applications and developing a patent strategy for leading pharmaceutical companies. He has been involved in cannabis-related technologies since 2005.

Eli Beda is a seasoned sales professional with decades of experience across a range of industry spheres. A native Colombian, Eli is uniquely equipped to operationalize sales strategies in the Spanish-speaking market and has worked extensively in Mexico. With a specialization in marketing strategy development and customer cultivation for the beauty industry, Eli currently brings his know-how to cannabis as Sales Director for iCAN: Israel-Cannabis.