December 8 JLM-BIOCITY Online Meeting on
The importance of clarity in scientific messages

With DAFNA GOLD MELCHIOR, Let’s Clarify It
AMIR WEITMANN, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Champel Capital
DR ASTORRE MODENA, Managing Partner Terra VP
Entrepreneurs, scientists and research-preneurs, deliver strategic messages to diverse high-stakes audiences, of very different disciplinary backgrounds.
Whether presenting to investors or strategic partners, ERC grant committees or national consortia decision makers, clarity is the essential component to every type of partnership we seek, such that our audience truly sees the value for them in our offering.
Even when their expertise is the farthest possible from our own.

The great news? Clarity in message delivery is learnable and improvable!
Entrepreneurs in digital health, medical devices and pharma?
Join us for a fast-paced event, rich with practical, applicable tips that will help you learn how to become even more effective in crafting and delivering your investor pitches.

Come learn to clarify your messages to amplify your impact with Dafna Gold Melchior, ( who is coming up on a joyful 25 years of intrigued curiosity and delight in the company of brilliant entrepreneurs and researchers, strategizing with them to craft and articulate their highest stakes messaging, making their professional messages accessible to their key target audience and identifying their best authentic mode for impactful delivery.

We’ll also benefit from the participation of two senior VC funds managers who will share their insights on message clarity priorities from investors’ perspectives.
We’re delighted to be hosting:

Dr. Astorre Modena, Managing Partner Terra VP ( Astorre holds a PhD in physics from Imperial College UK and Post-doc from Ecole Polytechnique FR, with more than 25 scientific published papers, and has spent over 15 years in VC. Prior to co-founding Terra, he was Principal at Israel Seed Partners, managing more than $260M. He was also a consultant at McKinsey in Paris and Milan. A multicultural specialist, he is fluent in Italian, Hebrew, English and French.

Amir Weitmann, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Champel Capital ( . Amir is an experienced licensed investment advisor and asset manager, and has been involved in asset management since 2004. From 2010 to 2017, he served as a Senior Investment Advisor for Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank. In 2017, he established Champel Capital with Arié to harness the power of Israeli technology investments.Amir holds a BA and an MA in International
Relations from the Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The event is organized by JLM-BioCity & co-sponsored by Azrieli College of Engineering & AtoBe.