Online JLM-BioCity event: “Women’s Health: Fixing the Gap”
Mar 8, 2021 at 20:00 IST

Join us at our upcoming event on woman’s health, about the journey of women’s healthcare!

with special invited speakers:
* Daniella Peri, Co-Founder, Yoppie UK
* Elinor Erez, AVP GPRD Biotech Development , Ferring (BTG) Israel
* Elizabeth Bailey, Managing Director, Rhia Ventures USA
* Noa Heiman, Business Unit Director WHC Bayer Israel

According to Emergen Research, the Femtech health market was over $ 18.75 billion in 2019, and growing at 15.6 % annually, expected to reach $ 60 billion by 2027!

For the past few years, the VC community has grappled with a public outcry against the limited funds allocated to women founders. To correct the disparity, many funds have given priority in investing in women founders. It is hard for men to spearhead this because they cannot get excited about the product, while new female associates do not necessarily understand what older women deal with. The technology is so new and different that it feels risky. Typically, women VCs lead twice as many funding rounds for startups with a woman founder as compared to men VCs.

Opportunities & challenges facing a Femtech startup will be discussed. The gap in woman’s health innovation & upcoming trends will be presented as well as strategies for fundraising, issues of regulations, carrying out initial market research and other obstacles. What can be learnt from the past to improve the future? What can be done to help women’s health companies’ breakthroughs to improve healthcare possibilities?

Hamutal Shahar, CEO JLM-BioCity.
Debbie Shalev, Azrieli College of Engineering

Femtech Startups Pitches
* Gyntools
* FertiProt
* Aquafit
* EZbra
* Bio-Gals

Panelists presentations
* Daniella Peri, Yoppie
* Elinor Erez, Ferring
* Elizabeth Bailey, Rhia Ventures
* Noa Heiman, Bayer

After the formal part, networking & discussions will be held in Zoom breakout rooms

The event is sponsored by the Azrieli College of Engineering & AtoBe.

JLM-BioCity is Jerusalem’s largest forum of bio entrepreneurs, investors & professionals, working to accelerate City’s medical innovation.


GYNTOOLS is developing a FDA/CE approved, deep-learning, AI-based diagnostic tool for health. Their automated, patient-centric solution is designed to diagnose various causes of vaginal inflammation presenting with discharge, itching or pain.

AQUAFIT INTIMATE is a vaginal gel stick. Made from water & plant-based materials, the self-lubricating gel stick adapts to women’s anatomy, while achieving complete tissue coverage for the delivery of beneficiary materials. Their mission is to improve women’s lives through advanced applied science, pure ingredients, usability, & design.

FERTIPROT offers innovative technology, based on the evolutionary,
chemical, & biological properties of the fertility process, that enhances both male & female potency by addition of formulated proteins, either as a gel or a suppository, to increase the possibility of fertilization. Their novel formulation & technology, reducing the need for invasive hormonal-based treatments such as IVF, is designed to increase the probability of conception for couples with fertility impairment.

EZbra ADVANCED WOUND CARE developed EZbra, a patented, sterile, disposable bra for advanced postoperative wound care, addressing difficulty & discomfort many post-op patients currently experience. Tailored for each patient, their specific breast shape and requirements, EZbra is an all-in-one product designed for the needs & challenges created by breast procedures including biopsies, lumpectomies, mastectomies, reconstructions, & aesthetic procedures & is a 510 exempt class-1 medical device. EZbra is a women-led start-up, founded by Efrat Roman, a breast cancer survivor.