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Jerusalem-based POMICELL is using its artificial intelligence solution to create a Coronavirus (COVID19) computational model that aims to enhance discovery of therapies from combinations of existing approved treatments.

The AI model that is created so far – called ViruPOM, contains data and knowledge from thousands of relevant articles and various databases to be improved by further training to predict all the relevant known history of similar virus infection treatments. According to the company researchers – when the model will achieve a satisfactory prediction and accuracy rate in several test cases, the platform will be able to simulate potential treatments and find strong and promising candidates. POMICELL expects to come up with the first suggestions within 3-6 month period.

Boaz Buchandler, CEO, said, “POMICELL’s artificial intelligence corona-virus platform will examine over 100 millions of drug combinations for pin-pointing the final top 10 combinations. We aim for for immediate application with our hospital collaboration in the beginning of June”

The company is looking for collaborations with major research laboratories and/or European Consortium (ie Horizon 2020) and/or Pharma Companies in the field that may implement the use of this new approach with constant improvement and better understanding of the COVID-19 through fast feedback loops between the research teams.


POMICELL is a biomedical big data analysis AI (artificial intelligence) company for the biotech industry. The company’s AI platform can create for a given treatment-disease combination a prediction model for treatment success and the relevant drug mode of action and can generate personalized such models for specific patients’ populations.

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