You are currently viewing Powermat Wireless Charging Founder Ran Poliakine Launches Innovation Center to Advance Early Stage Wearable Technologies

Ran Poliakine, founder and former CEO of Powermat, has established a new Innovation Center designed to foster and develop new and emerging wearable technologies. The Innovation Center is based in Neveh Ilan, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Powermat, the wireless charging company that helped create an industry, was adopted as the standard for wireless charging by major global leaders that include General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks and AT&T.

The new Innovation Center is open to all innovative, early-stage wearable and ‘smart’ textile technologies in need of assistance, with three immediate areas of concentration: Medical-related, Consumer-based and Electronics Wearables. Among his portfolio of companies are Cardiologic Innovations, Well Sense, NanoX Imaging, Years of Water, Illumigyn and QinFlow among several others.

“My entire professional career has been about innovating new and existing technologies to meet the needs of today’s connected environment. The Innovation Center will allow me to share my knowledge and experience and mobilize more resources to help young start-ups. I am eager to collaborate in an effective and meaningful way with talented individuals whose passion is to better people’s lives and bring breakthrough and truly life-changing innovations to market,” said Poliakin.

Source – WCN – Wireless Charging News