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Pre-Cure is developing a rapid cancer diagnostics platform powered by advanced customized microfluidics tumor-on-a-chip technology. The microchip/biochip is engineered to determine within days the most suitable treatment and dosage for patients with solid tumors, primarily focusing on those with gastrointestinal, gynecological, and head and neck cancers, using a biopsy sample. Currently, patients may have to endure chemotherapy for weeks or months to find out if it works!

Pre-Cure‘s goal is to aid oncologists in choosing the most effective treatment, avoiding months of ineffective treatments that dramatically decrease patients’ chances of beating cancer. Besides the unnecessary suffering, the time frame for cancer treatment is very limited.

The Pre-Cure platform has been tested in a retrospective experiment in collaboration with the Hadassah Ein Kerem Oncology Center on over 30 patients. It shows great results with high agreement with clinical outcomes (an academic article presenting the results will be published shortly).

Currently, Pre-Cure is conducting broad clinical trials at Hadassah Medical Center under the guidance of Prof. Popovatzer, who is the Head of Sharett Cancer Institute Hadassah University Hospital, and Prof. Ayala Hubert, who is the Head of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment Center at Hadassah Hospital. Both serve on the Scientific Board of the company. In the coming month, Pre-Cure expects to conduct additional experiments at the Assuta Medical Center.

The 3D biochip has been developed in Prof. Ofra Benny’s Nanomedicine & Tumor Microenvironment lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The project was led by Eliana Steinberg, a Ph.D. candidate with a pharmacy background and more than five years of research expertise in this field.

“When a patient receives a diagnosis, and they go through several rounds of chemotherapy, it can be a matter of weeks to months before they discover that their body has developed resistance to the treatment. Sadly, by that point, there’s often very little time left to explore alternative treatment combinations” says Eliana Steinberg, Head of Research and Development, Pre-Cure.

Given the success of this novel therapeutics, Pre-Cure was spun out from Prof. Ofra Benny’s lab, and over the following two years will continue to operate within her research laboratory.  Dan Simhon recently became CEO of Pre-Cure. Ofra Benny has been an Associate Professor in the Institute for Drug Research in the School of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University since 2013 as well as the Director of the Fraunhofer Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery at the Hebrew University.

Prof. Benny, Chief Scientist, Pre-Cure, added: “Our next step is to complete a more comprehensive clinical trial in order to measure device accuracy in predictions and then, we intend to start a company that will take this through all the regulatory steps required prior to routine clinical use.”

When Pre-Cure plans to apply to the FDA, they will use the medical device track for a decision support system.

Pre-Cure is registering a patent related to material engineering manufacturing and designs that offer a distinct technology for creating chips with intricate geometries and complex functionalities, which were previously either impossible or extremely challenging to produce using existing fabrication methods.

The Pre-Cure microchip is manufactured through a one-step process employing 3D printing technology for microfluidic biochip production tailored for drug testing assays. This innovative approach enables the preservation of tumor samples from biopsies while facilitating the testing of multiple drug release scenarios. Currently, it requires under two weeks for the new biochip to yield results.

Eliana Steinberg aims to further decrease the time needed for obtaining results.: “I would like it to take under a week. That would be optimal. I would say that it takes other companies a few weeks, or at the very least, a month.”

Pre-Cure is very interested in establishing collaboration with scientists and drug development companies on their multifunctional prediction platform that allows to implement of multi-functionality, dynamic, and modular prediction models. With Pre-Cure ‘s unique, patented biocompatible devices and designs, scientist can extract an abundance of biological-functional information from a minimal fresh tissue sample size. This efficient process delivers crucial information to oncologists within a short timeframe (under 10 days), facilitating the selection of optimal therapeutic strategies. For further information, on medical research collaboration, go to

About Pre-Cure

Pre-Cure is a pharmaceutical startup that was launched in June this year as a spinoff from the Hebrew University, following hard work and extensive research conducted in the Nanomedicine & Tumor Microenvironment lab led by Prof. Ofra Benny. In its initial phase, the primary goal of the Pre-Cure device is to pinpoint the most optimal chemotherapy treatments for patients with solid tumors, particularly those with gastrointestinal, gynecological, and head and neck cancers. In the future, Pre-Cure envisions integrating this technology into drug discovery and screening procedures.

Pre-Cure has raised private funding and is planning to apply to government industrial research funding (e.g., Israel Innovation Authority and European sources). In the next stage, Pre-Cure would seek VC funding.

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