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Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has made a truly historic first official visit of a member of the Royal Family to Israel. Yesterday, June 26th, he met with 4 select top technology companies. The companies are leaders in the fields of disabilities, education, and social change. He met with ReWalk Robotics Ltd, Myndlift, and AlgoBrix. He also met with OrCam Technologies, which has created OrCam MyEye 2, the most advanced assistive wearable technology, that reads text, recognizes faces, and identifies products for the blind, partially-sighted, and people with reading difficulties.

On June 26th, thanks to UK Israel Tech Hub, OrCam had the honor of presenting OrCam MyEye 2 to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Prince William used OrCam MyEye 2 to read text, as well as to recognize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is on the heels of presentations to both top Alibaba executives and Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela. The Prince experienced first-hand how OrCam MyEye 2, the most advanced wearable assistive device for people who are blind, partially-sighted, or have reading difficulties, uses AI technology to read text and recognize faces.

Ziv Aviram, co-founder and CEO of OrCam Technologies, and one of the founders of world-renowned Mobileye acquired this past year by Intel for $15.6 billion, who demonstrated the device for Prince William, recently said “…our breakthrough artificial vision technology has been empowering the lives of tens of thousands of British citizens and users around the world.”

It’s safe to say that OrCam–which was founded in 2010 by computer scientist Amnon Shashua and entrepreneur Ziv Aviram and was valued at $1 billion this year–has changed thousands of people’s lives. That’s primarily because of a clever, intuitive interface based on a gesture everyone understands: pointing. All users have to do is point at whatever they want the device to read; the camera identifies their hand, then takes a picture of the text and reads it. It’s so precise that you can point to a specific line on a page and it will start reading from that point. “We believe that pointing at something is the most natural thing a human does,” says Aviram, who serves as the company’s CEO. “Look at kids–they’ll point at something and say, What is this?”

With the world observing this historic tour, the spotlight, even if briefly turned to life-changing technology. Devices such as OrCam MyEye 2 change the world for the better, with the potential to improve the day-to-day lives of millions of people.

See Video from the BBC on Orcam: